The Stay Fit Through the Holidays Workout

I’m so excited  to share my good friend Brandon Abbott’s expertise with you here on my blog today. I met Brandon while going through a personal training certification class at a local gym and was so impressed with not only his knowledge, but also his genuine caring attitude towards people and helping them. There’s LOTS […]

Why All That Dieting Is Getting You Nowhere

Diet is a dirty word. And not like the ones that are fun to say when you’re mad. It has no good purpose whatsoever. That’s because diet generally means temporarily and drastically changing your eating to get quick results that don’t last once you go back to your old way of eating.    If you […]

Can my Weight Gain Destroy my Marriage? (Guest Post) by @kodjoworkout

It is a fact that America is getting heavier by the day. According to statistics, 2 out of 3 Americans are currently overweight, and more than 1 out of 3 are obese. This mind-blogging rise in weight is clearly the byproduct of the proliferation of fast food restaurants across the country, coupled with our lack […]

Weight Loss Truths: Don’t Dare Compare

Today I was over at @JackSht’s blog, seeing what shenanigans he’s been up to recently. If you don’t know Jack (sorry it was just too tempting) you can read his guest post 25 Ways to Improve Your Crappy Life here at Freaking Fitness and you’ll know why I would actually dare to use the word […]

25 Ways to Improve Your Crappy Life (Guest Post)

My name is Jack, and I have a saying that I like to say: “Once you go Jack, you never go back.” I don’t know what that means, but I think we can all agree that it sounds good and could conceivably mean something. I blog (link: ), blog (link: ) and tweet […]

Meet Your Two Weight-Loss Frenemies

Trying to lose weight can be a really frustrating endeavor. Especially when you look over at your friend who doesn’t seem to have the same struggle. You eat a sliver of pie and have to go up a pant size; she, on the other hand, happily waltzes into Baskin-Robbins and gets the mega cone. Over […]