5 Do’s and Don’ts for a Happy Holiday

Maybe you thought this was another holiday post about how to make your stuffing low-carb or whether or not it’s actually possible to stuff a tofu turkey. I’ve read lots posts this week with help on how to cook healthier and how to avoid resorting to elastic waistbands and avoid the after holiday guilt. I […]

Fretless Holiday Fitness

Holiday season is a blog-posting frenzy in the fitness world. We get to talk about our endless battles with the demons of turkey stuffing and pumpkin pie. I’m determined to somehow find the hidden fun in this. The holiday feeding frenzy doesn’t have to be a bummer. Although the whole season revolves around food, is […]

The Road To Health Is Paved With Gratitude

Officially, so it seems, we start the holiday season with Thanksgiving. For people that celebrate it it’s such a great time of sharing food and spending time with family and friends. Tons of articles are popping up with great recipes and great advice on how to have a healthy one. Hard not to focus on […]