Maui Makes It Easy To Go Raw

I arrived late Tuesday night on Maui and feeling a bit tired yet excited couldn’t wait for the first morning to come. Waking at 4:00am because of the time change is part of the deal whenever I come but it’s funny how I never mind. I am not an early riser by nature, but I find […]

5 Things In The Kitchen To Help You Lose Weight

Sometimes it seems like to really change your health for the better it’s going to cost a ton of money or such a complete makeover in the kitchen that the rest of your family will possibly stage a mutiny. A fridge that has a section for each person would really be a great solution. Most […]

The Key to Long Term Fitness Success

This is what determination looks like. There is nothing more inspiring than someone who overcomes obstacles. Deciding to accomplish a goal and not stopping till they do. I would guess that there were days of pain and struggle. When you look at this picture you see someone who had to find it inside himself to […]

How Social Media Can Help You get Fit.

In the last six months I have fallen completely in love with social media. I know that sounds a little fanatical, but for me it’s a pretty new experience. Although I’ve read many people’s opinions on the reality of the connections you make with people via social media, I know what my personal experience has been. I spend quite a […]

Foods That Help Curb The Cravings

The problem with eating foods that are high in sugar and empty calories is that you never seem satisfied, which leads to eating more crummy food. Of course this a lot of times leads to guilt and the “throw in the towel” negative self talk and . . . . well you know the rest […]

Keeping a Food Journal

One of  the really enjoyable things I get to do when I go home to Maui, is eat at the many incredible restaurants there. They all specialize in fresh local fish and organic veggies, fresh local fruit, delectable desserts like Hula Pie. It’s a Foodies heaven! Hula Pie has been my nemesis for a very long time. P90x is […]