People: The Only Niche That Really Matters

Whenever I chat with one my dearest friends Jessica Northey, I always learn something new. Maybe some would see us as an unlikely pair. Jessica is incredibly smart, gorgeous, and lights up any room she enters. Me, I’m more of a vintage surfer hippie chick–minus the patchouli smell and the dreads. I don’t recall the […]

5 Healthy Vacation Tips for Your Heart: No Exercise Required

Are you a work-a-saurus? Does having a deadline and a million tasks to accomplish give you the warm fuzzies? Being productive and contributing to whatever your passion is in a positive way can be an awesome feeling. But being able to feel fulfilled when you’re not doing those things can be a challenge. This week […]

A Healthy Recipe: Gratitude and Social Media

Diving into social media head-first can leave you feeling a bit befuddled. What do I say? What are all these people talking about? The one thing I’ve learned about social media is that it’s more about listening than talking. Which is probably a good thing for me since I suck at typing. Everyday I try […]

Why I’m Partnering with Sears Fit Club

In an effort here at Freaking Fitness to grow and evolve to bring you new and exciting stuff, I’m happy to share that I’ve teamed up with the fitness folks at Sears Fit Club. I’ll be sharing some Freaking Fitness thoughts, musings, and healthy ideas on the Sears Fit Club Facebook page and over at their […]

How Healthy Is Your Social Circle?

Have you ever had a friendship with someone completely different from yourself? I’ve had people on twitter ask me why I choose to tweet so much about other subjects other than health and fitness. My answer is because I find all people interesting. Maybe business wise it’s not what would be advised because of that […]

ExerFUNcise…It's in There Somewhere!

Over the past year as I’ve become more addicted involved in social media, I’ve noticed a change physically. Yes, you guessed it. It has become harder to keep in shape… a.k.a. my butt spread. I never understood how people could sit at a computer for so long. I get it now. The hours just fly […]