Simple Tips for Freaking Frigid Fitness

If you’ve been here before this will come as no surprise. I’m not a cold weather person. Not even close. But I am inspired by people that are, like my friend Paul Steele. When I see photos of people skiing and snowboarding I cringe and want to make hot cocoa. As much as I’ve always […]

Goals to Habits to Lifestyle

Image by mikebaird via Flickr There’s always a goal floating around in my head about one thing or another. Have a cleaner house, be more organized, learn to file, cook new recipes, have more fun. I tend to work on the last one the most. But with those other ones, I tend to vacillate between […]

My New Year Wish

It’s amazing how another year has flown by. The year was full of the usual ups and downs but there was always a valuable lesson to be learned. I try my best not to look back at the negative stuff and look forward to what’s to come! So instead of telling you all about the […]

Start a Resolution

When you think about New Year’s resolutions, what first comes to your mind? Do you feel obligated to have some sort of resolution set and ready? Since I’ve been around for  a lot of a few decades, you can imagine I’ve made my share of resolutions. . . . . .that went nowhere. I know, […]

14 Ways to Make Accountability Your Holiday Helper

So you made it through Thanksgiving with only a slight bloat and not too many regrets. You feel pretty good and got that first killer workout under your belt post Turkey Day. But this is the holiday marathon season and we still have Hanukkah, Christmas and not to mention *gasp* New Years all in one […]

5 Do’s and Don’ts for a Happy Holiday

Maybe you thought this was another holiday post about how to make your stuffing low-carb or whether or not it’s actually possible to stuff a tofu turkey. I’ve read lots posts this week with help on how to cook healthier and how to avoid resorting to elastic waistbands and avoid the after holiday guilt. I […]