Nutrition Tips: Running, Race Day and Listening To Your Body

I’ve never been a one size fits all kind of person and have felt that many articles about nutrition & exercise give the impression that all people need to follow certain food & workout rules all the time. I’m not referring to sound science that recommends how much we need to be healthy humans, but about the […]

Training Tips: What about Protein?

I’ve been wanting to add a category to my blog that would provide training tips. My good friend Jeff Kline of with all his expertise is a great source of info. I’ve learned countless things from him and I find the way he presents the information easy to absorb. Here’s a video about protein […]

Nutrition 911: Here's the straight 411, so you can avoid a dietary 911

By Steve Edwards We hear a lot about nutrition on TV these days. Carbs, net carbs, impact carbs, trans fats, and essential fats . . . and on and on. Yet studies show that this information goes way over most people’s heads. In fact, it seems like most people have forgotten what they learned back […]