A Life Healthy: Navigating 5 Phases of Fitness Successfully

I have often referred (probably almost annoyingly) to living a healthy lifestyle as a journey. A journey always has crossroads and detours and unforeseen roadblocks. I like to think of them as phases. Phases really just summarize where your head is during that period, and we usually enter a new phase with a bit more […]

The Truth Is Always Better.Well, Mostly.

  I think we Homo sapiens love to treat the truth like play-doh. We sort of shape it to fit our needs and justify our behavior. We can’t help it really. What’s so amusing about ourselves is that what’s truth to us 5 years ago is no longer true today.      A little over a year ago I […]

Feeling Old? Sarcopenia and 3 Ways To Fight Back.

Recently in a conversation with a few ladies at my local Starbucks, the subject of ageing came up. The women were 35 and 51. One had dabbled in botox the other with liposuction. I was starting to add up the expenses in my head. They had both spent a significant amount of money, and were completely […]

The 5 Facets of Health

I’m really glad that growing older is supposed to make us wiser. I find that a comforting thought. Especially since we’re sold products and fed messages that equate youth with worth. When I was 25 I could give a rip about getting older because I was too busy using up each day as quickly as I could. […]

How to Survive An Italian Restaurant

Talk to any health & fitness person and somewhere in the conversation you can pull out of them their food weakness. If they say they don’t have one they are a liar a freak of nature. I personally have a few. Chocolate (of course) and Italian food. And even more I love a great Italian […]