Make Family Nutrition a Family Conversation

Each time my kids venture out into the world with their friends, I know that their diet will be awful. It’s just how it is. The choices you find at movie theaters, sporting events, and birthday parties are crap at best–unless you consider pickle relish or ketchup a vegetable. They know that I’m going to […]

A 70 Ingredient Shake? What 25 Doctors Say.

My theory on what kind of products I endorse is your basic “here’s what I have found to work for me” theory. There’s a million products out there, many that are fantastic that I haven’t tried yet, but I have a tendency to stick with what works. I’ve always used shakes as a part of […]

The 5 Facets of Health

I’m really glad that growing older is supposed to make us wiser. I find that a comforting thought. Especially since we’re sold products and fed messages that equate youth with worth. When I was 25 I could give a rip about getting older because I was too busy using up each day as quickly as I could. […]

Nutrition Tips: Running, Race Day and Listening To Your Body

I’ve never been a one size fits all kind of person and have felt that many articles about nutrition & exercise give the impression that all people need to follow certain food & workout rules all the time. I’m not referring to sound science that recommends how much we need to be healthy humans, but about the […]

Nutrition For Kids:Foods To Avoid

While you’re making your new goals for the year, it’s a great time to include a family goal too!  This great info By Joe Wilkes  from the Team Beachbody NewsLetter is quite the eye opener about nutrition for children.  It’s incredibly important to start good eating habits young. As a lot of parents and teachers know, once you […]

Nutrition 911: Here's the straight 411, so you can avoid a dietary 911

By Steve Edwards We hear a lot about nutrition on TV these days. Carbs, net carbs, impact carbs, trans fats, and essential fats . . . and on and on. Yet studies show that this information goes way over most people’s heads. In fact, it seems like most people have forgotten what they learned back […]