Let’s Get Personal – New Year’s Resolutions #SandersonFarms

I think New Year’s resolutions can be a great idea. The good intentions are there. It’s positive. And if you makes a change that’s healthy in your life, that’s a wonderful thing. Maybe our problem is that we choose broad goals with vague deadlines. Random lists of “Top Ten Changes for the New Year” is […]

Resurrect Your Resolution: Up by Jawbone Giveaway

                         **Disclosure: I’m a #VZWbuzz team member and compensated**   *****This giveaway has ended*****  Congratulations to Janice Terrell Ford!!! According to statisticbrain.com 45% of Americans make a New Year’s Resolution but only 8% are successful in achieving their goal. Well that’s not very encouraging. Why […]

Why This Fitness Freak Doesn’t Have Fitness on Her Resolution List

Resolutions. They make us gag think of positive changes and newfound happiness. A sort of rebirth dance we do each year. A restart for our lives. We tend to make the goals lofty like “I’m going to be organized this year” or “I’m going to get in the best shape of my life.” Awesome goals […]

Start a Resolution

When you think about New Year’s resolutions, what first comes to your mind? Do you feel obligated to have some sort of resolution set and ready? Since I’ve been around for  a lot of a few decades, you can imagine I’ve made my share of resolutions. . . . . .that went nowhere. I know, […]