Tripping on Maui: Windsurfing AND Totally Mobile

Recently, the awesome folks at Verizon invited me to visit their Innovation Center in beautiful San Francisco. It was an amazing trip. The Verizon crew was so gracious and we had a chance to experience the latest technology and gadgets. I also had a chance to visit with some of my favorite friends like @AnnTran_, […]

Healthy Life 101 – Embracing the Hard Lesson

Summertime for me means a trip home to Maui, where my heart always longs to be. Each time I return I always get a chance to experience and renew my love for this place and see friends that over many decades have made it so special. I always make the trip alone and many people […]

Health and Fitness: Living on Luck

Many years ago when I was about twenty years old or so, I gave windsurfing lessons, along with a good friend, who has since passed away, on Kaanapali Beach on Maui. We’d arrive bright and early in the morning, before a soul was on the beach. Throughout the day we’d give lessons and when there […]

Love and Fitness: Girl You Know It’s True

The 28th of February will mark 21 years (updated for 2015) of marriage for Viking and me, as he’s become affectionately known by a few of my online friends. During the last 20 years we’ve spawned two daughters and have encountered, like most couples, a gazillion obstacles along the way. Recently someone asked me how […]

Sneaking Healthy into Your Vacation

  The thing with exercise and eating healthy is, although we know it’s good for us and makes us healthier, we would rather do anything else but. Especially while on vacation. Let’s face it, exercise can suck. Sure we all know we have to do it, but wouldn’t it be great to not actually loathe […]

Healthy Living: Happy Is Where You Are

I  love me a parade. Oh, and a party. And when the sun shines. And an unexpected wind-fall of cash. It might be from growing up in my late teenage years and into adulthood on the magical island of Maui, spending my days being part of the birth of wave-sailing and the explosion of a […]