Empowering Kids to Find Their Passion and Purpose with @Thrively

I  love the idea of health being a family affair. All aspects of health — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. I’m also a fan of interdependence, growing individually but together — each family member supporting and encouraging each other to be their best. **This post is in partnership with Online Mom Media and Thrively. Opinions and […]

Make Family Nutrition a Family Conversation

Each time my kids venture out into the world with their friends, I know that their diet will be awful. It’s just how it is. The choices you find at movie theaters, sporting events, and birthday parties are crap at best–unless you consider pickle relish or ketchup a vegetable. They know that I’m going to […]

Nutrition For Kids:Foods To Avoid

While you’re making your new goals for the year, it’s a great time to include a family goal too!  This great info By Joe Wilkes  from the Team Beachbody NewsLetter is quite the eye opener about nutrition for children.  It’s incredibly important to start good eating habits young. As a lot of parents and teachers know, once you […]

Fit Kids Make Smart Adults

There are dozens of articles about all the physical and mental reaosns to get fit. Almost on a daily basis a new study comes out, giving another compelling reason to be healthy. As an adult we make the decision every day to either move towards being healthy or away from health. That’s our choice. But what about our kids? […]