4 Delicious Chicken Recipes to Celebrate Fall Weather #SandersonFarms

  One of the reasons I love fall is I feel inspired to be creative in the kitchen. The cooler weather rolls in and I know the holidays are just around the corner. That puts me in the mood to cook! But I often find myself cooking the same things over and over again. We […]

5 Ways to Avoid Being an Abominable Holiday Eating Machine

  This year I was too lazy chose not to do a post on how to avoid a pig-out on Thanksgiving day. I really wanted to focus on being thankful. This doesn’t always come naturally for me. Also I was busy cooking a crap-load of food, so that was the other reason. This left me with […]

Holistic Health: Eat the Cookie, Skip the Expectations

Somewhere years ago someone said to me, “If you expect nothing you won’t get disappointed.”  At the time I thought it jaded and negative. But now I see the wisdom behind it. Thank you, whoever you were. During the holidays we fret about all the unhealthy food, drinks, and skipped workouts. Gaining 5 pounds over […]

14 Ways to Make Accountability Your Holiday Helper

So you made it through Thanksgiving with only a slight bloat and not too many regrets. You feel pretty good and got that first killer workout under your belt post Turkey Day. But this is the holiday marathon season and we still have Hanukkah, Christmas and not to mention *gasp* New Years all in one […]