Let’s Get Personal – New Year’s Resolutions #SandersonFarms

I think New Year’s resolutions can be a great idea. The good intentions are there. It’s positive. And if you makes a change that’s healthy in your life, that’s a wonderful thing. Maybe our problem is that we choose broad goals with vague deadlines. Random lists of “Top Ten Changes for the New Year” is […]

Hatching a Health Plan: Small Package, Big Lesson.

  Something fantastic happened recently on our new homestead. Nani, one of our Red Star hens, laid her first egg! It was actually quite eventful. We heard a loud “bacaawwwwwk” and after 4 and ½ months of waiting, there in a perfect little light-brown package, was our ROI. What does this have to do with […]

A Life Healthy: Navigating 5 Phases of Fitness Successfully

I have often referred (probably almost annoyingly) to living a healthy lifestyle as a journey. A journey always has crossroads and detours and unforeseen roadblocks. I like to think of them as phases. Phases really just summarize where your head is during that period, and we usually enter a new phase with a bit more […]

What’s Driving Your Emotional Eating?

Even though I blog about healthy living and promote the lifestyle does not imply that I’m 100% on the mark all the time. I’m far from perfect. Just ask my husband, my kids, and my friends. So when asked recently if I’ve ever struggled with emotional eating, that would be a definite Hell to the […]

Healthy Body Talk: What’s Yours Saying?

Listening to your body is a skill to master for lifelong health. Maybe it sounds sort of weird, but eat half a pizza, wash it down with a giant soda and add dessert and your body will likely have a lot to say. Ignoring, or even worse masking, what your body has to say can […]