Healthy Body Talk: What’s Yours Saying?

Listening to your body is a skill to master for lifelong health. Maybe it sounds sort of weird, but eat half a pizza, wash it down with a giant soda and add dessert and your body will likely have a lot to say. Ignoring, or even worse masking, what your body has to say can […]

Healthy Living: Show Me the Money!

What’s the difference between a fit person and an unfit person? Other than the obvious outward appearance. Unlike wealth, you can’t be born loaded. Health has to be earned. Everyday when we choose to exercise or not exercise, eat healthy or not eat healthy, we’re choosing to invest or not invest  in our well-being. Think […]

Why Words Are Worse Than Donuts

Everything is worse than donuts. Donuts are awesome, right?  But to most health nuts they’re evil with a hole in the middle. But at the end of the day, the donuts aren’t the real issue. If only it were as simple as donuts. Our decisions are impacted by many things. And some have more power […]

5 Healthy Vacation Tips for Your Heart: No Exercise Required

Are you a work-a-saurus? Does having a deadline and a million tasks to accomplish give you the warm fuzzies? Being productive and contributing to whatever your passion is in a positive way can be an awesome feeling. But being able to feel fulfilled when you’re not doing those things can be a challenge. This week […]

Unhealthy Indecision

Is having too many choices a bad thing? One of our favorite things to do as a family is to go to the bookstore. We walk in and scatter. We all have different interests. My youngest loves to cook; she has decided that she wants to be a chef, go to culinary school, and live […]

A Healthy Recipe: Gratitude and Social Media

Diving into social media head-first can leave you feeling a bit befuddled. What do I say? What are all these people talking about? The one thing I’ve learned about social media is that it’s more about listening than talking. Which is probably a good thing for me since I suck at typing. Everyday I try […]