5 Ways to Set Yourself Free from the Comparison Trap

**Disclosure: My Yoga and this post is sponsored by the GaiamTV “One reason why birds and horses are not unhappy is because they are not trying to impress other birds and horses.” ― Dale Carnegie Recently, a friend and I were discussing age and mirrors. If you’re over 25 you might relate to this. We […]

Grow Healthy: Using Gratitude to Guide Your Choices

There are many reasons we make choices that aren’t healthy for us. Some are merely impulsive urges like I just have to have that giant slice of of chocolate cake or I might die kind of urges, and some are from boredom and just mindless grazing. But some are not quite as simple and come […]

The 5 Facets of Health

I’m really glad that growing older is supposed to make us wiser. I find that a comforting thought. Especially since we’re sold products and fed messages that equate youth with worth. When I was 25 I could give a rip about getting older because I was too busy using up each day as quickly as I could. […]

The Road To Health Is Paved With Gratitude

Officially, so it seems, we start the holiday season with Thanksgiving. For people that celebrate it it’s such a great time of sharing food and spending time with family and friends. Tons of articles are popping up with great recipes and great advice on how to have a healthy one. Hard not to focus on […]