10 Gluten Free Holiday Dinner Tips (Guest Post) by @GlutenFreeWoman

So the holidays are here, excitement is building and you’re eagerly preparing dinner parties and…oops, you find out at least one of your guests is allergic to gluten (or another food allergy). Don’t panic. Sure, it’s a bit more work but it’s not rocket science. With a little creativity and common sense, you can easily […]

Healthy Kids: Trump Convenience with Simplicity

If you’re like many parents and caregivers of kids, you’re concerned about your kids’ eating healthy. It’s a daily battle for most of us. Throw in a busy schedule and you find yourself grabbing what’s most convenient. Convenient trumps healthy most of the time. We choose what we think is the healthiest option in the […]

Food for Life:Tanka Bar Review and Giveaway

It’s not everyday that you come across a company that you fall in love with–not only with their product, but also with their mission. While I was on Maui recently and shopping at my old stomping ground Mana Foods, my dear friend turned me onto Tanka Bites. Since I had recently started eating Primal, the brighty colored […]