Chicken Recipe Round-Up #SandersonFarms

Lately, I’ve been wanting to add more chicken recipes to my list of family favorites. But sometimes, I’m hesitant to try something new because of the cost. It can be an expensive experiment – that’s why I like to ask friends what their favorite tried-and-true chicken recipes are. It’s fun and frugal to share ideas, […]

Healthy Living: Happy Is Where You Are

I  love me a parade. Oh, and a party. And when the sun shines. And an unexpected wind-fall of cash. It might be from growing up in my late teenage years and into adulthood on the magical island of Maui, spending my days being part of the birth of wave-sailing and the explosion of a […]

The Truth Is Always Better.Well, Mostly.

  I think we Homo sapiens love to treat the truth like play-doh. We sort of shape it to fit our needs and justify our behavior. We can’t help it really. What’s so amusing about ourselves is that what’s truth to us 5 years ago is no longer true today.      A little over a year ago I […]