5 Ways to Avoid Being an Abominable Holiday Eating Machine

  This year I was too lazy chose not to do a post on how to avoid a pig-out on Thanksgiving day. I really wanted to focus on being thankful. This doesn’t always come naturally for me. Also I was busy cooking a crap-load of food, so that was the other reason. This left me with […]

Why All That Dieting Is Getting You Nowhere

Diet is a dirty word. And not like the ones that are fun to say when you’re mad. It has no good purpose whatsoever. That’s because diet generally means temporarily and drastically changing your eating to get quick results that don’t last once you go back to your old way of eating.    If you […]

Why I Hate Cake and Other Lies

 I wish I could share that I had an incredible weekend and surpassed some sort personal goal set in fat loss or fitness. But instead I went to a good friend’s wedding (cake) and another friend’s party on Sunday(cake). The pressure to have cake was enormous. Especially the second day. My friend made a cake […]

The Power of "I Won't" or "I Will"

Last night I went to a local Indian restaurant for the first time. I was invited by friends and I was really looking forward to trying it out. I absolutely love hot, spicy dishes. I also have read numerous studies on the wonders of Turmeric, used in curry. I’m not very familiar with Indian dishes by name, […]

The Season Of Joy And Guilt Free Munching

The holidays are upon us so I wanted to share my thoughts and maybe bring you some joyful news. The hope is to alleviate you from the upcoming  guilt and struggle of the holiday food fest.  Food is not an enemy to constantly wrestle with. Food just has to be in the right perspective as with […]