Get Fit With A Little Help From Twitter Friends

Are the you the lone ranger fitness type? Secretly struggling with Dairy Queen drive-bys and leaving early for work so you can grab a fresh Krispy Creme? Do you think about unhealthy food throughout the day, especially during times of stress or boredom? Very few people can stay on track with their weight loss and […]

Get Over Your Age and Live Like Crazy!

Do you focus on your age often? Are you feeling “old” and you’re like 30?! I have been noticing I’m doing this lately. And I’m actually beginning to notice that anyone over 29 seems to do it. We need to freaking get over ourselves. Especially women. You notice that distinguished and gray are never two words […]

Fit Kids Make Smart Adults

There are dozens of articles about all the physical and mental reaosns to get fit. Almost on a daily basis a new study comes out, giving another compelling reason to be healthy. As an adult we make the decision every day to either move towards being healthy or away from health. That’s our choice. But what about our kids? […]

Recognizing and Overcoming Obstacles

 Everyone wants to have success getting healthy and fit. We all have every intention of following through and reaching the goals we set for ourselves. After working with many, many folks over the years,  the biggest obstacle is never the exercises themselves, but our own minds. We all bring our bags of strengths and weaknesses. […]