How to Not Be a Fat Cat: Chill

You might of heard of the hormone Cortisol. If you haven’t it’s something you want to be familiar with because it can have a big effect on your health & fitness. There are four (most) important hormones that affect protein synthesis in muscle. Growth hormone, testosterone, insulin-like growth factor (IGF) and insulin. Protein breakdown is […]

Bottles full of Baloney

Most of us humans like the path of least resistance. Nothing new. I deal with it as a parent all the time. Oh and I’m talking about myself not the kids. As usual there’s someone out there to make a buck on our shortcomings as humans. The magic diet pill companies. One of the recent […]

Vinegar: Not So Ordinary?

Whenever I come across a study that shows evidence of  health benefits of something ordinary we find in our kitchens, I get so excited! One of the barriers to getting healthy for people is the cost. There are so many products on the market and when you are trying to make ends meet, they just aren’t […]