When You Didn’t Plan on Your Plans Being Unplanned

When I was invited to share about a #SwitchersRemorse life experience for Verizon, I thought,  “I have enough material for about 20 blog posts.” I decided to choose this particular experience because I’m actually suffering from switcher’s remorse right at this very moment. I’ve always had an aversion to planning things too far in advance. […]

Empowering Kids to Find Their Passion and Purpose with @Thrively

I  love the idea of health being a family affair. All aspects of health — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. I’m also a fan of interdependence, growing individually but together — each family member supporting and encouraging each other to be their best. **This post is in partnership with Online Mom Media and Thrively. Opinions and […]

Goodies for the Heart: What’s Your Recipe?

Like many of you, our family of four likes to make the most of the holidays. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday not only for the meaning it has to me personally, but also for all the local activities geared toward kids. We drive around in our jammies and look at lights, and I […]

Healthy Kids: Trump Convenience with Simplicity

If you’re like many parents and caregivers of kids, you’re concerned about your kids’ eating healthy. It’s a daily battle for most of us. Throw in a busy schedule and you find yourself grabbing what’s most convenient. Convenient trumps healthy most of the time. We choose what we think is the healthiest option in the […]

Healthy Living: Happy Is Where You Are

I  love me a parade. Oh, and a party. And when the sun shines. And an unexpected wind-fall of cash. It might be from growing up in my late teenage years and into adulthood on the magical island of Maui, spending my days being part of the birth of wave-sailing and the explosion of a […]

5 Healthy Vacation Tips for Your Heart: No Exercise Required

Are you a work-a-saurus? Does having a deadline and a million tasks to accomplish give you the warm fuzzies? Being productive and contributing to whatever your passion is in a positive way can be an awesome feeling. But being able to feel fulfilled when you’re not doing those things can be a challenge. This week […]