6 Kick-Butt Cardio Tips for Asthma Sufferers (Guest Post)

Regular cardio workouts are essential for a healthy heart. But fast-paced aerobic exercise can quickly leave you gasping for air if you have asthma. A serious attack may actually be life threatening. It’s not really fair. It’s just a fact of life that many of us are forced to deal with. How do we stay in […]

Healthy Traveler: 10 Do’s and Don’ts

Frequent travelers face a different set of health challenges than most of us do. For some, travel is on a weekly basis, so those challenges become somewhat a normal part of their lives. The food selections (I use the word food loosely) on planes, in terminals, and at rest stops and roadside restaurants are most […]

20 More Ways to Improve Your Crappy Life (Guest Post) by @JackSht

Despite all my best efforts, you inexplicably did not improve your crappy life after I spent nearly ten minutes coming up with a detailed action plan for you. Well, you know what they say: fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on you; fool me three times, shame on you, fool me […]

Holistic Health: Eat the Cookie, Skip the Expectations

Somewhere years ago someone said to me, “If you expect nothing you won’t get disappointed.”  At the time I thought it jaded and negative. But now I see the wisdom behind it. Thank you, whoever you were. During the holidays we fret about all the unhealthy food, drinks, and skipped workouts. Gaining 5 pounds over […]

Is 15 Minutes of Exercise Enough?

Over at Reuters today I was reading 15 minutes of exercise a day can extend life by three years.  That’s great to know that you can benefit from so little. Really everybody has 15 minutes, right? And with happy news like “Sooner or later, you are going to die. But compared to the inactive group, […]

Sneaking Healthy into Your Vacation

  The thing with exercise and eating healthy is, although we know it’s good for us and makes us healthier, we would rather do anything else but. Especially while on vacation. Let’s face it, exercise can suck. Sure we all know we have to do it, but wouldn’t it be great to not actually loathe […]