10 Gluten Free Holiday Dinner Tips (Guest Post) by @GlutenFreeWoman

So the holidays are here, excitement is building and you’re eagerly preparing dinner parties and…oops, you find out at least one of your guests is allergic to gluten (or another food allergy). Don’t panic. Sure, it’s a bit more work but it’s not rocket science. With a little creativity and common sense, you can easily […]

Make Family Nutrition a Family Conversation

Each time my kids venture out into the world with their friends, I know that their diet will be awful. It’s just how it is. The choices you find at movie theaters, sporting events, and birthday parties are crap at best–unless you consider pickle relish or ketchup a vegetable. They know that I’m going to […]

Meet Your Two Weight-Loss Frenemies

Trying to lose weight can be a really frustrating endeavor. Especially when you look over at your friend who doesn’t seem to have the same struggle. You eat a sliver of pie and have to go up a pant size; she, on the other hand, happily waltzes into Baskin-Robbins and gets the mega cone. Over […]

Reset: Jumpstart Healthy Eating Plus Advice From An Olympian

Image by alancleaver_2000via Flickr The no-carb diet. The no-fat diet. The fill in the blank diet. The word diet is truly a poor choice of words to use when trying to change your body and health. To me, when I think of the word diet, I think short term. Dr. Ray Strand makes the point […]