Should You Toss Your Scale?

I’ll just say it right now. I am not a fan of the scale. Overall, in my experience I have found it to be more of a negative than a positive in the quest to get healthy. Before actually telling you all to throw yours away,  here is a great post in the Team Beachbody […]

The Real P90X

As a Beachbody Coach, I run into a certain issue quite often. It’s the purchase of P90x from other places other than Beachbody. Most of the time, it only comes with the DVD’s and there in lies the problem  My concern is that in the quest to save a couple of dollars they have missed out on […]


This week my goal is to really pay close attention to my food choices. On Saturday I’m going to have my after photo taken. It’s been about 30 days since the photo next to the blog was shot. I have been doing P90X for awhile and now I have to really be serious, because I […]

The Beachbody WOWY SuperGym and Accountability

The first day I did a workout in Beachbody’s SuperGym (WOWY) I had no idea the effects it would have on me. I had been doing P90X for at least 6 months. I wasn’t really taking my diet seriously and was at the point where I wasn’t really looking forward to the next workout. Then […]