Healthy Kids: Trump Convenience with Simplicity

If you’re like many parents and caregivers of kids, you’re concerned about your kids’ eating healthy. It’s a daily battle for most of us. Throw in a busy schedule and you find yourself grabbing what’s most convenient. Convenient trumps healthy most of the time. We choose what we think is the healthiest option in the […]

Sweet! Guiltless Geek Goodies

What is it about sitting at your computer and munching on something? It seems it’s more connected to fidgeting than hunger. Jumping up to rip open a bag of chips almost feels therapeutic when you’re stuck and can’t find the words to finish a post. Like crunching will kick start your creative juices. Crazy hours […]

Make Family Nutrition a Family Conversation

Each time my kids venture out into the world with their friends, I know that their diet will be awful. It’s just how it is. The choices you find at movie theaters, sporting events, and birthday parties are crap at best–unless you consider pickle relish or ketchup a vegetable. They know that I’m going to […]

Healthy Snacks for Kids: Toss Your Twinkies

Do you go grocery shopping with your kids? Recently on an outing to the store, I took my kids and told them to choose some snacks. Now these children have lived with me for their whole lives and they already know my anal organic tendencies. Yet still they were picking crappy snacks. I had hopes […]

Healthy Body Talk: What’s Yours Saying?

Listening to your body is a skill to master for lifelong health. Maybe it sounds sort of weird, but eat half a pizza, wash it down with a giant soda and add dessert and your body will likely have a lot to say. Ignoring, or even worse masking, what your body has to say can […]