This week my goal is to really pay close attention to my food choices. On Saturday I’m going to have my after photo taken. It’s been about 30 days since the photo next to the blog was shot. I have been doing P90X for awhile and now I have to really be serious, because I […]

Nick Baker Won $1,000.00!

Nicknamed “The Lunchbox” in grade school, Nick was always a big guy. He was renowned among friends for being willing to eat massive quantities of food. Even though Nick was overweight, he was active—competing in high school track and field events and playing football in college until injuries sidelined him. After football, Nick turned to […]

"Here, I baked you some cookies"

Have you ever noticed that when you let your family and friends know you are trying to get healthy, they now want to bake you cookies? A friend and I were dicussing this phenomenon, and found alot of us had had this experience. I’m sure this is mostly good intentions, but it still makes the […]

The Beachbody WOWY SuperGym and Accountability

The first day I did a workout in Beachbody’s SuperGym (WOWY) I had no idea the effects it would have on me. I had been doing P90X for at least 6 months. I wasn’t really taking my diet seriously and was at the point where I wasn’t really looking forward to the next workout. Then […]