P90X Schedule of Workouts

The question of how to schedule the P90X workouts if you don’t have the guide book has been asked so many times that I figured that I should provide an in-depth answer. The answer is to use WOWY the virtual gym to give you the schedule.  In order to use WOWY, you either need to […]

Your fitness Life

An oberservation I have made, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, is that we as humans have very similar reasons why we do or don’t do things.  It’s what at times,  make us feel a real connection with others. This applies to our fitness lives as much as our family, work, and spiritual […]

"I'm interested in becoming a Team Beachbody Coach"

As a full time Team Beachbody Coach ,I often get emails with the subject line, “I’m interested in becoming a coach”.  Every answer is in response to a number of questions that are in the email, and encapsulates the “Why” of becoming a Team Beachbody Coach. “Dear Insert your Name here, let me start out by […]

Dealing with Stress

Everyone is bombarded with stress. It comes in many different packages and everyone gets a delivery. You can be rich or poor, male or female.young or old and any race or religion. We can do many things to avoid it, but inevitably it finds you. The reality is that we need to have a game […]


This week my goal is to really pay close attention to my food choices. On Saturday I’m going to have my after photo taken. It’s been about 30 days since the photo next to the blog was shot. I have been doing P90X for awhile and now I have to really be serious, because I […]

Nick Baker Won $1,000.00!

Nicknamed “The Lunchbox” in grade school, Nick was always a big guy. He was renowned among friends for being willing to eat massive quantities of food. Even though Nick was overweight, he was active—competing in high school track and field events and playing football in college until injuries sidelined him. After football, Nick turned to […]