5 Steps to Selecting your Fitness Program

There are so many fitness experts and fitness programs out there to choose from, but how do you decide what’s right for you?  Here are 5 steps to help you come to a decision. 1. What is your fitness level? ♦ Consult your doctor before beginning a fitness program. ♦ Do a fitness test.  If […]

Well Fueled

Variety was the way to describe my food today. Egg white omelet with a small amount of cheese  with toast with salsa. Lunch was a Whey protein shake and chicken salad and raw carrots. Dinner was Turkey burgers, stir fry veggies and a small amount of rice pasta. Had one more whey shake. When I […]

Experimenting with my Diet

Keep in mind that I am not following any particular menu. I am experimenting with the effects the food I eat have on me. Because I have been in the fitness world for over 25 years, I now enjoy playing around with different variations in diet. Recently I had done a very low carb, high protein combination, and […]

Core Synergistics

I did Core Syn today and found I was really strong in the push ups which in this workout, there are many new variations. Did 25 stacked foot/staggered hand pushups. Lacked in the stamina department which I attribute to lack of sleep. The Dreya roll was harder today because of low energy. I need to get […]

Keeping a Food Journal

One of  the really enjoyable things I get to do when I go home to Maui, is eat at the many incredible restaurants there. They all specialize in fresh local fish and organic veggies, fresh local fruit, delectable desserts like Hula Pie. It’s a Foodies heaven! Hula Pie has been my nemesis for a very long time. P90x is […]

P90X Schedule of Workouts

The question of how to schedule the P90X workouts if you don’t have the guide book has been asked so many times that I figured that I should provide an in-depth answer. The answer is to use WOWY the virtual gym to give you the schedule.  In order to use WOWY, you either need to […]