Why Nature is My Favorite Workout Buddy. #VZWBuzz

Sunset in Mississippi

My gym.

Sometimes people are great. The Viking is one of my favorite people (along with my two kids), and one of my favorite things to do is raid the gym with him. But to some people, the best workout partner you can ask for isn’t anything with lungs. Exercising outside can completely change an otherwise dull workout, as well as motivate you to stick to your routine.

Here’s why nature should be your new workout partner:

1. It improves your mood. Studies have shown that being outside decreases anxiety, stress, confusion, and other things that keep you from feeling your best. Exercising always makes you feel great, but switching from a treadmill to the trail can turn a blah day into a blast.

2. It’ll increase your motivation to stick to your routine. Of course, weather can always be an issue, but working out in a place you actually want to be might actually make you want to keep working out. (Isn’t that crazy!?) Forget the days of trudging away on an elliptical watching that daytime show host that isn’t as funny as the other daytime show host.

3. It’s free! Or almost free. You don’t have to worry about if you’re really getting your money’s worth every month, or if that spin class was actually everything the ads raved it would be. Invest in a solid pair of running shoes, and then put your wallet away forever.

4. It’s got universal appeal. My oldest daughter will tell you that exercising is not something she prioritizes in her crazy college schedule. But, one of her favorite things to do with her friends is walk the lakes near her campus. The walk takes about an hour, which is plenty of time for her and her friends to catch up and still get a good workout in. Whether exercise is something you crave first thing in the morning or not, the outdoors has something for everyone, even my daughter.

Nature won’t bail on you, tell you you’re not trying hard enough, or out-bench you. Maybe you’re a health nut like me but you’ve been stuck behind the doors of a gym for years. Maybe you’re just looking for a little motivation to try something new. Whatever your workout regime, take it outside this week and see what a difference it makes!


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  1. I wish it was less crowded here. I would drive away from the busyness here & do more stuff outside but I hate the traffic! 🙂

  2. Joyce Cherrier says:

    Parks are great places to get a nature fix, too! Love ya, Jody!

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