Why Do YOU Exercise? (Guest Post) by @AngryTrainerFit

Alfonso Moretti

Alfonso Moretti of Angry Trainer Fitness

You know if you had asked me this question a few years ago, I would’ve lied – but I promise it wouldn’t have been intentional. For those of you who don’t know me, my roots are in weight lifting and amateur bodybuilding. The truth is that all those years I thought I was working out to be healthy, but honestly it was really just for the “look”. And I did look fit, but was I?


The honesty of the situation is that nearly no one exercises for health or to improve his or her functional fitness. What’s the main reason for starting a program or following a crazy diet? The answers are simple- reunions, weddings, get-togethers or just to fit in skinny jeans. Seriously, who reading this post started a program based on its cholesterol lowering effects, or because it would reduce your risk of injury throwing the trash out, or even just because you wanted to feel better? Ok, now how many of you started a program or follow certain workouts or diets because you want bigger arms, a rounder butt, slimmer legs or a flatter belly? I’m guessing there’s a lot more people raising their hands in the second group.


But have you ever thought about what exercise really is? Here’s a tip – it’s not designed to change how your body looks. Yes I know that’s how we approach it and what we’ve been taught to believe. What it is then? Again the answer is super simple. Exercise is a replacement for the natural activity we would be getting if we didn’t have supermarkets full of food and had to hunt and gather meals to eat. If we didn’t have homes to live in, we’d need to build shelter and upkeep it on a daily basis. And without modern transportation, we’d have to walk or run everywhere to get anything done. In essence we’d be calorie burning – fine tuned mechanical machines. We NEED to exercise because none of those things are necessary anymore, and as consequence our bodies get no routine maintenance. Well, unless you workout of course.


Now, with that said, I too like to workout to change how my body looks. I enjoy having a toned body and looking like I’m fit. But I’ve also changed my training to be sure that I am actually fit and healthy. So I use a variety of training protocols including use of kettlebells, weights, calisthenics, resistance bands, balance training, stability and core conditioning and everything in between. In fact I even go to the playground with my kids and use the monkey bars, slides, swings and everything else there. It’s a great functional workout. What good is looking fit if you can’t balance on one foot or have a cholesterol level of 300? Looking fit and wearing skinny jeans isn’t enough- you must be fit and healthy or it means nothing.


I always suggest people to choose big exercises and modalities that give more bang for the buck. When you train for health and fitness improvements, a better looking and feeling body is inevitable. But the reverse isn’t necessarily true. Sure biceps curls and butt lifts may make muscles appear to be fit, but in actuality they don’t do jack for your fitness or health. Do you see my point? I’d rather see you perform step-ups, one legged squats and modified pull-ups or Swiss ball roll outs to build real, functional strength and conditioning. This is a key point that most trainees miss out on, mostly due to the fact that they’ve never really thought about it. They don’t see exercises for what they really are, which are questions. Each exercise provides you with a unique answer as results, so the more questions you ask, the more results you’ll get. The fitter and more well – rounded you’ll be. Get it?


At its core, exercise is a stimulus that’s designed to force your body to change for better health and fitness. So next time you think about trying a new exercise, program or diet, ask yourself “ What am I asking of my body”. If your answer is better health, fitness and functionality, you’re good to go. If the answer is to get you looking good for a reunion in 10 weeks or beach ready for an upcoming vacation, you may want to re-evaluate your thought process and exercise selection. Remember, your body is miraculous and will oblige your requests if you nourish it properly and give it enough rest. But you need to ask it the right questions, understand?


Alfonso Moretti, aka The Angry Trainer is a 20-year personal trainer and owner of Angry Trainer Fitness, a website dedicated to spreading “Fitness Fact Not Fiction”.  He’ a regular contributor to Men’s Fitness and Discovery Fit & Health, is a Sears Fitness Advisory Board Member and proud FitFluential Ambassador. More recently, Shape Magazine online named one of his exercise videos a Top 10 on YouTube

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  1. Sometimes I kinda wish I was a farmer that got my fitness growing my own food and managing my farm. That would be awesome. Healthy and fulfilling!

    But alas, the reason I exercise now is to maintain my 100 pound weight loss. Fitness wasn’t something I did much at 250 pounds but I’ve grown to love it and I feel better when I move my body.

  2. Great post! I like to do it all.. I like to do things that work me for health & fitness but I love me some muscles too so I have to lift the weights for that as well. I like doing both for overall fitness & fun! 🙂

  3. Great article!  I’m all for fitness getting me in more functional/stronger shape.  Not enough butt lifts in the world to rehab my formerly 280 lb. caboose.  I just want to be able to keep up with my kids!

  4. Love this and adore seeing two of my fave people together.
    It took me far too many years to grasp the BANG FOR THE BUCK lesson.

  5. Sesefeeney says:


  6. Great article and good timing, because I need some new tabata options… That routine  looks amazingly godawful and I believe I would be dead, or at least suicidal by the end.  Perfect for tabatas!

  7. A really good article:) 🙂

  8. Holy crap… just got to the very end of the video and heard “and this is just the first circuit.” Ha! Didn’t realize it was a comedy video.  OMG.

  9. Thank you all so much for your comments and Thank You Joyce for giving me the opportunity to speak to your friends. This is awesome! And yes, the Ass Kicking Workout lives up to its name 🙂

    • Such a great article Alfonso and I’m so stoked to have you as a guest! I can’t wait (I’m lying and I’m actually afraid) to try this workout!  I’ll be draggin @fac47617a11205e844787a2f342ccfbb:disqus with me. 😀

  10. I work out so that I can enjoy my favorite time of the day: the last minute of my workout. Ahhhhh…

  11. This is an awesome article and video. I’m going to add this workout to one of my weight training blogs. These types of workouts suck so bad lol

  12. I work out to get faster and stronger on the soccer field!

  13. My workouts used to be driven by body image and improving strength (I’m a small guy).  But now, it’s about the challenge and staying healthy for my wife and child.  Of course, I also enjoy it. 🙂

  14. Suzanne @WorkoutNirvana says:

    Indeed, I get clients who say they’re training for a 5K (and they’re 30 pounds overweight), want to lose weight for their wedding, or get a six-pack for a vacation. It can be frustrating dealing with people who don’t get the big picture. You know these people won’t stay in shape. I get the whole emotional aspect of motivation and I support that, but being fit and strong is a lifestyle, not bicep curls or crunches.

    • Great thoughts Suzanne. It’s a hard to convince people when all they see is quick fixes advertised everywhere. Thank goodness there are people like you & Alfonso that are all about living the lifestyle! 

  15. I used to be what Angry Trainer has mentioned on here. Guilty! Losing weight was always because of a wedding, a reunion, a party etc. but I guess when one gets old, you start thinking of your overall well being. Still a challenge though but trying to eat right and staying active is what Marty and i strive for as a lifestyle, and looking at the lifelong benefits we will get from it. Love the tips and insights here , thank you Joyce !

  16. HeatherKirby says:

    going to have to disagree. I started seriously working out because I don’t want to die blind and depressed with stumps for limbs when the diabetes finally kicks in. I see my mother trapped in her flesh prison of morbid obesity. I don’t want that for me. I want to climb mountains, play with my nephew and my grandkids when they rock up. You might wanna rock a bikini, fantastic, but it’s too cold up Ben Nevis for a bikini.

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