When You Didn’t Plan on Your Plans Being Unplanned

Mike Waltze pic of Joyce Cherrier on Maui

Where are my plans? I know they must be out here somewhere? Photo credit: Mike Waltze

When I was invited to share about a #SwitchersRemorse life experience for Verizon, I thought,  “I have enough material for about 20 blog posts.” I decided to choose this particular experience because I’m actually suffering from switcher’s remorse right at this very moment.

I’ve always had an aversion to planning things too far in advance. I like to keep the door open when it comes to opportunity. I’m not suggesting this is a great character trait — only that it’s what’s comfortable for me. Life experience has taught me that things are ever-changing and evolving. I also don’t like surprises, so there’s that too. But this year, I decided to go against my good sense and plan ahead.

I’m a Maui girl at heart. I spent much of my youth on Maui playing in the ocean, windsurfing and surfing. I will always consider it my home. Each year I return at least once for 2 or 3 weeks. It’s a time to recharge, get my ocean fix, and more importantly, spend time with people I love that I’ve known for 30 years or more. My favorite time to be on Maui is somewhere between May and the end of July.

But this year I decided I’d plan WAY ahead, and arranged our family schedule around an event eight months in advance. I wouldn’t be there at my favorite time of year, but that’s ok. I would be able to work AND play. Perfect. At least I thought it was. And then it wasn’t. My way of waiting things out had worked well for me and for our family unit every year. But then I switched.

My switcher’s remorse is really hitting home as I’ve now missed this year’s chance to spend time with some very dear friends. Time with people you love is so precious. You really don’t know how many “visits” you get. Take them when you can.

I’m not going wallow in my switcher’s remorse, but I will learn from it. I should stick with what I know works for my family and me!

*** Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Verizon’s #SwitchersRemore campaign. Follow the tag on Twitter, Facebook,  and Instagram to check out more updates. If you switched from Verizon and now have switcher’s remorse, Verizon makes it easy to switch back. For more information, visit your local Verizon store.




  1. YES.
    It all goes back to the fact we can MAKE MORE MONEY we cannot cannot make more time.


  2. I’m sorry things didn’t work out with this “plan ahead” plan. But it’s easy to think that if you’d done it the other way things, of course, would have worked out perfectly. The most important thing is that you stay with the decision-making process that works for you. I’m a planner and there are a number of times I’m wished I would have just seized the moment.

    What I love about this Switchers Remorse program with Verizon is it allows us to see that most of our choices are changeable. Feeling stuck is a terrible feeling, but knowing there are options is very freeing. Perhaps the options are expensive or costly in some manner, but for the most part our mind plays tricks on us and makes us feel like it’s much worse than it really is.

    I hope you get to Maui soon. And even if it’s not during your preferred time, I’m sure the beauty of Maui will greet you like it’s perfect timing.

  3. Yup, what Carla said although I am not even making enough right now so… well, I get it all! 🙂

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