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Fit Through the Holidays

I’m so excited  to share my good friend Brandon Abbott’s expertise with you here on my blog today. I met Brandon while going through a personal training certification class at a local gym and was so impressed with not only his knowledge, but also his genuine caring attitude towards people and helping them. There’s LOTS of personal trainers out there, but Brandon’s heart for helping people really shines through.

In fact, just recently I ran into a client of his at a department store who had amazing results working with him.

Sonya lost 38lbs at the time of this photo

Sonya – at 38 lbs lost in this before and after

When I saw Sonya she had lost even more weight since this picture! She was always beautiful (inside and out) and looked so strong and healthy. Glowing in fact! And the best part is she’s now living the healthy lifestyle on her own, which is the ultimate goal of personal training.

So of course I begged invited him to share his knowledge and workouts as often as he likes here, hoping we can build a training section you can reference for all kinds of workouts that will help you reach your personal goals.

I’m so much a fan of his, I’m encouraging (ok bugging) him to take it beyond local training to online. He has the knowledge and experience to create programs for all levels of health and fitness from beginners to competitive bodybuilders – having competed in bodybuilding himself.

Holiday Workout by Brandon Abbott 

With Christmas and the New year right around the corner, finding time to make it to the gym can be stressful.  Don’t let a busy schedule derail your fitness plan.  Try this quick, effective, and fun workout that will build functional strength but also give you a nice cardio burn to shed away some unwanted calories.  This workout can be done anywhere you are, at work, home, waiting in line at the dmv (just kidding about that last one), and it doesn’t matter what fitness level you are at.  You can go at your own pace.  So there is no excuse to miss your workouts this season.  You can remain healthy, energetic, and guilt free.  Also you can put a dent in your calories to make room for Christmas dinner!

Warm up: 30 jumping jacks, 20 high knees    (3x)


  • 15 Pushups(from knees or toes)
  • 25 bodyweight squats
  • 30 Bicycle crunches
  • 15 tricep dips
  • 20 walking lunges each leg
  • Side planks 20 sec each side
  • Jog for 60 seconds (count to yourself)
  • Repeat 3x
  • Abs: 100 crunches then 100 leg lifts

(rest if you need to but each exercise is complete once you reach 100!)


Personal trainer Brandon Abbott

Brandon Abbott

Brandon is a NASM and AFAA Certified Personal Trainer. Brandon’s passion for fitness and devotion to help others achieve a healthy lifestyle motivates his clients to stay consistent and accountable. Brandon provides one on one, group, and partner training, as well as individualized meal plans to ensure your success. Don’t Wait! Take the first step to a new life and body. Contact Brandon at (985)774-4937 or  His Facebook page can be found at




  1. What an inspiring transformation! Hehe the picture of the kettlebell with a bow made me smile 🙂

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