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When you think about New Year’s resolutions, what first comes to your mind?

Do you feel obligated to have some sort of resolution set and ready?

Since I’ve been around for  a lot of a few decades, you can imagine I’ve made my share of resolutions. . .

. . .that went nowhere. I know, shocking.

I’m a big believer in a thought being followed by mental and emotional resolve and leading to an action.

Each decision is like a fork in the road, and until you decide which road you’ll take you’ll keep coming back to that same place. It must happen in your head first!

So here’s what’s inside my head regarding resolutions:

• Resolutions are not one size fits all. For some people it’s to run 3 marathons, and for someone else it’s to give up soda. Both are fantastic! Resolutions are relative. Don’t feel like a loser because yours doesn’t seem lofty enough. Never compare yourself to anyone.

• Different people have different ways to set goals. A big mistake is trying to make someone else’s goal-setting style work for you. I’m a rather spontaneous, one-day-at-a-time goal setter. That works for me. Do what works for you and you’re way more likely to have success.

• Make your resolutions include more than yourself. Your good health not only benefits you but also those around you. Looking beyond ourselves and seeing how our goals can help others gives us a sense of purpose. A sense of purpose begets good health decisions!

• Surround yourself with the positive. The biggest killer of a great goal is a naysayer. Love them from afar, but keep a circle of support and positivity close to you at all times. At the same time, be part of that positive circle for others.

I’m personally really concentrating on that last one. It’s a big one for me. Especially the for others part.

Ok, it’s your turn!

Tell us if you’re doing the resolution thing and, if you are, how you plan to make it happen.

Snark is encouraged and even appreciated.

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  1. Well, I plan to kick 2011’s @ss…is that a resolution?

  2. I wrote a snarky post this time last year about all the resolutions I wasn’t going to make. Because they don’t typically work for me. This year, I’m going to make it different. I have a buddy helping me. We are going to do it together. We’re holding on another accountable. 2011 is going to be the year of the book. I’m going to write. I’m going to get up early every morning and check in on Twitter w/ my “buddy/partner” and make sure we’re both typing away at the computer, even if it’s total crap (which it is likely to be). But I’ve got to start, and I’ve learned that in order to do someting so big and scary, I need someone to hold my hand (figuratively). So that’s it for me. I also need to get back into exercise, but I don’t anticipate that being a problem. It will be hard at first, but I’m already motivated and have missed it.

  3. I can’t wait to get my “signed” 😛 copy of your book! I know it’s going to be so awesome! I will gladly hold your hand for the exercise part by the way, because I believe the bigger the group of hand-holders the better!

  4. I am constantly evolving and changing. For this reason, I really don’t do “resolutions” at New Years. That and, having lived and worked in education for years MY mental beginning of the year is September…

    Since Sept. I’ve been playing HealthMonth ( as a way to keep me on track with my goals. I can notice when I’m mentally slacking off and when I’m committed to getting the work done.

  5. Great post, Joyce. I’m not a fan of big resolutions, I’m the one day at a time gal (I know, big surprise). My hubs has embraced fitness and is working hard to change his habits, so I’m supporting him there and getting fit along the way. I’ll expect you to kick my butt on a regular basis :))) Happy New Year!!


  6. Ah – I’m not a big resolution gal – I know, such a rebel. But I have been thinking about body-mind-soul well being and will work on a few habits to more closely align my time with my values… And yes, they are all around “more” 😉
    More Music
    More Cooking
    More Time with my Sis & Nephews
    More Walking
    More Calls to my Grandma
    More Reading
    More Lunches with Girlfriends
    More Hanging Time with my Son
    More Water (who knows, maybe I’ll even get to what I’m ‘supposed’ to be drinking this year)
    And yes, if I do a little bit of a few of these just for today… well, they add up!
    Hugs Joyce!

  7. yes yes YES to the surrounding yourself with the positive.
    It’s amazing how rapidly my best laid intentions for all facets of my life can be broken down when Im NaySayerSurrounded.

  8. Love your mores Kris! Your more water made me get my bottle full of water! 😀

  9. Garick Chan says:

    New year’s resolution?

    1. I’m going to pick up yoga
    2. I’m going to go running at least once a week
    3. I’m going to figure out who my true friends are and invest my time in them. I want to let go of all the fakeness that’s surrounded me in 2010.

  10. Love the post Joyce. My goals are to get back into fitness. I’ve been off the wagon for too long thanks to my foot surgery. But 2011 is my year!

    • Hi Allison! So glad you’re climbing back on board & you’ll be back to where you were in no time! Happy Holidays!!

  11. One realization my husband and I had this year when talking about our upcoming goals/resolutions is that being specific is key! Vague, general resolutions somehow seem to float all around space and never really land anywhere. Being specific helps us to focus our minds on what actually needs to happen and take whatever steps are needed to get there. I love this time of year because it is an opportunity to start fresh, reawaken our passions and get moving!!

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