Spring Inspiration for Body, Soul, and Spirit – #VZWBuzz

Baby chicks renew my spring inspiration

Thanks to Verizon, I can capture and upload photos of my fur and feathered family anytime.

I’ve noticed my inspiration and motivation often ebbs and flows with the seasons. Each season has it’s focus for me. Summer means Maui and holiday time means family. The spring season makes me think of renewal and hope. Many of us felt this way at the beginning of the year, too.

But who even remembers their New Year’s resolution at this point? I sure don’t remember mine. Did I even write it down anywhere? Who knows, but it’s pretty much long gone.

I think Mother Nature knew this is where we’d be around this time of year, and I think that’s why she made spring.

Spring on the Gulf Coast looks a little like the rest of the world’s spring: full of flowers and pastels, weddings and babies, featuring the occasional heat wave or ice storm.

But all sass aside, spring is a season of new growth, new life, and new things. If you’re feeling down about losing the motivation you had in January, here’s 3 ways you can renew your energy in every part of your life!

Renew your fitness
The sun is shining, the tank is clean, and we are getting out of the house and getting outside because it’s spring and the weather is beautiful! Shake up your usual workout routine by going for a walk/run/jog every morning, starting today. Or, start that routine you’ve been meaning to start all year! Nothing says “let’s get physical” like spring!

Renew your mind
According to http://www.neurology.org/content/81/4/314, adults who engaged their brain in stimulating activities (reading, for instance) experienced mental decline 32% slower than those in the control group. Meaning, reading keeps your brain healthy! Your brain is a muscle; just like you would exercise any other part of your body, your brain needs exercise stay in shape. I challenge you to spend an hour or two today heading down to your local library to pick up three books – a history book, a nonfiction book on a topic you’ve wanted to learn about but never got around to, and a fun read of your choice!

Renew your heart
Whether it’s through prayer, meditation, or just being still, tending to your heart and emotional well-being is vital to holistic health. Depression, anxiety, and negativity sneak into our hearts by disguising themselves as normal stress caused by busyness or being realistic. But before you know it, our joy and peace of mind has been stolen from us. Take control of your emotions. You are valuable. You have purpose. Your self-worth is not contingent on your level of success, number of friends, or even how you feel about yourself. Your worthiness and value is constant and unaffected by circumstances. Surround yourself with people who call out the best in you (even when you don’t want them to), and be quick to shut out anything or anyone who may be leading to less joy, peace, and love in your life.

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