Sears Whirlpool Duet Review and a Fitness Giveaway!

Laundry in Tipitapa

I can relate to this. Image by GlacierTim via Flickr

**This giveaway has ended.
**Winners will be announced on Twitter March 1st.

One of the most popular reasons for not exercising is the feeling that there’s not enough hours in the day. So much to get done. And laundry duty is one of the biggest time suckers. It has to be done but it’s never ending.

I, as you might have already guessed, do not have ambitions of being a domestic goddess. I know it all has to be done, but I just want an easier, quicker, better way to do it all.

When Sears offered the most kind opportunity to review the Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer, I asked “Can I use them for a whole month before I actually do the review so I really know what they’re like?”  They said “Yes”!

Will I get to put them through my load-after-load-lots-of-yucky-work-clothes-giant- stacks-of-towels-a-gazillion-socks-and-sweaty-workout-clothes test? I got a “yes” again.

Oh, and are they a magic washer and dryer that will transform my children into cheerful helpers and cause them to joyfully volunteer

She ain't pretty but she still works!

to help with the laundry? *crickets*

My Washer Story!

I wish I could say I have lots of washer and dryer experience but that’s not the case. I’ve had one washer in my lifetime, and funny thing is it’s also a Whirlpool. I bought it on Maui in 1992, kept it outside in an alley way that connected the health food store I co-owned and a surf shop. I then moved “upcountry” as it’s called, at an elevation of about 2,200 ft and kept it outside under a partial overhang. When it would rain we’d cover it with a tarp (if we remembered).  Then about 3 years later we shipped it across the Pacific and trucked it across the U.S to New Orleans. And so up until 2011 I’ve had the same Whirlpool washer. And it still works. That’s awesome.

The sent from Sears Whirlpool Duet

The Duet Review

Since I try to be as eco-friendly and organic-like as I can be, the fact that they are Energy Star qualified was a big plus. Energy star products save you money and use less energy. I’m all for conserving natural resources. I researched and they are considered a CEE Tier III (the highest rating) which means it may qualify for a rebate from your local utility company.

AND they are pretty. No denying that! The drum light is helpful and the LCD display is really cool. I know, this is about how they work, but they get 5 stars for looks.

Some of my pros of the washer were:

  • Love the front loading and the fact that my clothes weren’t washing in the dirty muck. Is there anything scarier than opening the washer lid and looking at that water? It’s like the difference between taking a shower and taking a bath.
  • It holds up to 36 loads’ worth of detergent and knows how much is needed according to the cycle you choose. You have to use high efficiency detergent, but I already was, so no problem. There’s a compartment for fabric softener and bleach and you can use powder.
  • Has a steam option so you don’t have to pre-treat stuff like grass stains and grease.
  • Lots of specialty cycles for items like sportswear, sweaters, blankets, comforters, pillows and more.
  • Custom cycles you can set up to use easily.
  • The allergen cycle. It reduces tested allergens by 95% and kills dust mites. I researched it and it’s certified by an independent third party called NSF International.
  • They call them Laundry Apps. It’s basically a help section that displays on the LCD screen all kinds of helpful laundry hints and trouble shooting. Love the select-a-stain section that tells you how to deal with each stain.
  • FanFresh feature tumbles clothes for up to 16 hours after the cycle is done so in the morning my load of workout clothes are ready for another session.

My favorite dryer pros:

  • Quick refresh feature. In 15 minutes it gets rid of wrinkles in up to 12 items. There’s also a touch-up cycle to use for a whole load that’s good for clothes that have been left in the dryer overnight or packed in a suitcase. I especially loved these features. It means I don’t have to iron. I might not even own an iron. And I’ll never review an iron.
  • It’s has what they call 6th Sense technology. Translated it means that if, for example, the load is dry even before the cycle ends it will shut off. Saves energy, time, and money.
  • Again more Laundry Apps. 14 specialty cycles, hints and tips and before-you-call trouble shooting info.

*Note~ I’m reviewing the electric dryer but it there is a gas dryer too.

The cons:

I didn’t experience any performance issues. Like anything else I own that’s techy, I’m sure there are things I just don’t know the Duet can do. If you’re online, the cool and helpful @SearsBlueCrewHA on twitter can answer any questions or concerns, and the appliance Blue Crew is on Facebook too.  These machines are what I would think every geek would want in their laundry room. With that being said, there’s a learning curve. There are lots of options and buttons and pretty colors and to some that can be overwhelming at first. Knowing what I know now, if I was thinking of getting a Duet, I’d make sure to go to Sears and have them show the basics. Once you know what all the buttons do, it’s much easier. You also can check out the color options.

Sears Whirlpool Duet review from Joyce Cherrier on Vimeo.

**And now the fun part ~ the @SearsFitness giveaway!**

We love chatting with you on Facebook and Twitter during the FitStudio chats so having a chance to give away fitness goodies

Look, dinner AND a show!

makes us all happy!

It’s easy to enter. Just leave a comment about your laundry thoughts and musings. And of course fun and snark is encouraged.

Please include your @twitter handle if you have one so we can give you a shout-out on twitter if you win!

Here are the 5 goodies in the giveaway:

1. One  set of 25LB Weider Selectable Weights
2. One  Ab Rocket
3. Three Shock Athletic Yoga Mats infused with Microban *colors will vary*

Winners will be chosen by random number generator.

Giveaway ends Monday, February 28, 2011 at  11:59 CST.

Open to the US only.

**FTC: Reviews on reflect the personal opinion of me, Joyce Cherrier and no dollars were paid to me write this review. The product was kindly given to me by Sears to keep.




  1. YAY for the quick refresh (mightcould I get that for my hair? my countenance? please please?) and for the giveaway treats from Sears.

  2. I am drooling over that washer and dryer! My washer has been taken apart and fixed twice by hubby (thankful he’s handy like that) and it’s acting up again. yeesh! @katdoesdiets

  3. Wow. What I wouldn’t give to be able to have this fantastic set rescue me from the apartment laundry room scramble!! There’s nothing worse than machine hogs, folks that don’t clean up after themselves, hauling laundry all the way across the complex (Thank goodness for a dolly), and quarter eating dryers!! Follow me on twitter @EmmyBasch

  4. Christopher E says:

    I love your washer and dryers! I tried to buy mine from Sears but they just don’t seem as helpful as they used to (I did buy my prior set from them). Mine are LG and have been great but don’t do half of what yours dooooo. Many happy washes! XoXo @Thatguyfsu

  5. My washer and dryer are laughable. I bought them from a friend of a friend many moons ago and everyday they work I count my lucky stars. I honestly had no idea there were so many features available on a washer and dryer…thanks for the demo!

  6. I love doing laundry. I just hate putting it away. I also HATE sharing the washer/dryer with my in-laws, who tend to leave loads in the washer FOREVER, and shrink my clothes if I leave them in the washer too long 🙁

  7. I am right now listening to the horrible squealing my poor dryer has decided to emit whenever it’s been turned on. It’s calling neighborhood dogs it’s so awful! So, I’m just going to drool over these Duet photos and wish my poor pathetic washer and dryer had buttons that said more than “start.” One day, I will replace them with Duets, but don’t tell them yet. I still need them to work! @leavingfatville

  8. I don’t mind doing laundry, I just wish I has my own washer and dry and could stop being a slave to the apt. laundry room. Dare to dream! My twitter is tracy_simmons.

  9. amazingly enough, i am in charge of the laundry at our house. i must confess, i’m a closet obsessive clothing folder! can’t get enough of it. love the steam action by the way on the quick refresh setting. we got our latest washer and dryer from sears and we were incredibly happy with the service from them and incredibly happy with the quality of both. ok, gotta go fold some more laundry.

  10. oops, @padreBradley… thats me 🙂

  11. Nice washer and dryer. Washing and drying clothes is a big energy consuming activity. These units, with their great efficiency, would allow me to do more loads and still be green. 🙂

    Follow me on Twitter @Powderfinger

    Thanks for the great contest and giving me an opportunity to win! Peace

  12. My 3 year old always needs to help put clothes in the washer and push ALL the buttons. @deliantedesigns

  13. I actually have a Kenmore Washer and Dryer set, but unfortunately the washer decided to STOP working 3 weeks after each of my children were born. Having a newborn and having to do laundry for FIVE people at a laundromat is NOT fun! Thankfully, I’ve become friends with Stan the Appliance Man (a gentleman named Stan who lives nearby and can fix ANYTHING). @fitcheerldr

  14. Okay Joyce I will never forget that on Christmas my washer literally exploded!!! No joke!! I thought someone had just crashed through our house!! It was frightful and my whole family was in disbelief that a 2 year old washer could just explode!! If that new washer and dryer of yours can handle my boys laundry….I want them!! 😉

  15. Wow! I love that washer/dryer set even more now after reading your review! I’ve always drooled over them when I see them in the stores. Mine are still going strong though, which is great because I couldn’t afford to replace them right now if I had to! Mine are Whirlpool and both the washer and dryer have had repairs! Nothing like going to the washer to get a load out only to find the clothes are all still sitting in soapy water! my sensor went out. So did the the heating unit in the dryer. Nice.

    Anyway, I live for the day I can replace mine (I’m whispering so my w/d don’t hear me right now) with those shiny new ones!

  16. I’m so loving all your great comments! thanks you guys for making this post so much fun!

  17. That combination would look so nice in my laundry room! Mine are getting up in years and I don’t expect them to last much longer. Just keeping my fingers crossed and ignoring suspicious noises….

  18. I love to workout but if the workout is laundry I would gladly pass 🙂 I got my washer 11 years ago as a wedding gift but my dryer is a 1980 something model that is still chugging along despite the fact that it is missing most of it’s knobs. I think I would rather spend my money on fitness stuff than home appliances. But that one sounds very tempting 🙂

  19. Hi Joyce!!

    that is an awesome story of what your washer went through, moved and still survived! so very cool…

    we have a set of these HE washer + dryer and I LOVE THEM !! seriously, the dinner and a show photo made me laugh because that’s me – I’m still amazed by what these babies do! plus, the tax credit we got the year we bought them was fabulous too!

    it may sound crazy, but I have ALWAYS wanted one of those ab rockers. 😀

  20. I have to wash my clothes in the communal laundry room at my apartment. The dryers were so intense that they burned all my sports bras. My VS sports bras, burnt and crispy. I cried.

  21. Only one washer?! Lucky gal! My oldest caught two of them on fire, so I ended up buying a used one from a friend. The most recent laundry disaster, and there have been many in this house, happened when the youngest hid a bottle of super glue (with the lid not on tight) in his pants pocket, and my daughter #2 didn’t check the pockets. The washer was okay, but the pants were ruined, and I’m still finding chunks of super glue on the clothes that were in that load. Maybe I should just start doing the laundry myself? Naaah!

  22. pam messina says:

    Hi Joyce!! The machines are beautiful. Would love to have something like those to do greasy-diesely-hubby work clothes.

  23. I am drooling over your new washer and dryer! We’ve had the same ones for 12-15 years now, they are Kenmore. I must say, I wish washing my kids was as easy as tossing them in with the dirty clothes—no fighting/crying/whining!

    The worst thing that’s ever happened to me with my washer is that once my daughter accidentally put her wet pull-up in her hamper along with her pajama bottoms. ANd scatterbrained mommy didn’t notice as I upended the hamper over my washer and closed it, walked away. Only when I went to move everything to the dryer later did I notice all the chunks of paper/pull-up. It was a disaster.


    p.s. u are so cute!

  24. WOW! What an awesome review! First off, I can’t believe your old washer has lasted that long, in those conditions especially, that is awesome! Second, I learned so much more about those little features of the front loaders than I knew. Never knew you load them with detergent and dryer sheets and it automatically does the rest! That is awesome! We’ve wanted one of these for about a year now but just haven’t justified the price yet. This really has me thinking though….what a huge time saver, as well as just making things easier and “greener”! Really really glad you were able to review this, and shared so much of the true life side of things! THANK YOU! @TysonHphoto

  25. @blogomomma says:

    Just wondering….. could ya BE any cuter! Sheesh! Those duets look powerful and advanced enough to wash this green envy outta me! Doing laundry has come a long way baby and I’d like to run out a get myself a set of dem dere duets! I might even throw myself in with a wrinkled garment see if I can’t do something bout these crows feet I got going on! Modern Technology…. gotta love it! @blogomomma

  26. Wow!! I must get that washer and dryer….I love it!! My washer looks like yours…lol….I stick with it because it works.

  27. joycecherrier says:

    Thanks for the great comments guys! Today’s the last day, will announce the winners tomorrow! 🙂

  28. Mrsmollysharp says:

    Laundry…I don’t mind the wasing and drying, its the folding and hanging I hate!
    mrsmollysharp at gmail dot come

  29. I love hearing my washing machine going. Makes me feel like somethings getting done.

  30. Follow you on twitter @CherylCasperson

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