Pizza Palooza

Giant Pizza Man

I'm guessing it's not the home of healthy pizza. Image by A.Currell via Flickr

Who wouldn’t want one?

But for those watching what they eat, pizza has been off limits. Of course that makes it so much more desirable.

One of my favorite nutrition experts, David Grotto, RD, LDN, says we can have our slice and eat it too.

Now you know why he’s a favorite.

I learned I wasn’t the only one who thinks pizza’s a bit of heaven right here on earth:

“America has a love affair with pizza. We consume about 100 acres of it daily, 350 slices per second, and every man, woman and child eats about 23 pounds of pizza yearly.” David says.

I love that it’s stated in acres.

David gives us 5 smart ways to healthy up your pizza including my personal favorite of adding the right kinds of protein.

Learning to control portions, substitute, and modify is the key to eating most of your very favorite foods without the guilt.


What favorite foods have you made healthy? Recipes are encouraged! And snark of course.


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  1. hmmmm FOR ME healthy was losing the processed white…I did the lettuce as bun back in the DAY when people thought you were a nutball if you used lettuce as bun. now? it’s all the restaurant rage.  I should trademarked that mess 🙂 

  2. blogomomma says:

    In  mind I have a million ways to make food healthier….in reality it’s probably just the lesser of evils.  I mean a deep dish pizza from Gino’s is way healthy as long as the pounds of cheese are mixed with spinach right?  How bout the french toast on whole grain wheat dipped in egg whites!

    Just sayin’

  3. I guess that persons like me who LOVE pizza but have to stay away from it can now look at having a slice … moderation? and by the way that is a lot of pizza consume by your fellow men. chers

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for commenting William and ..Yes you can! Good news right?! And it’s incredible how much pizza we consume. Now I know why there’s so many pizza places!

  4. Well what a coincidence! Not more that 10 minutes ago I decided that I will go into “the lab” to concoct a healthy Chocolate Cream Pie. This is my goal for the coming weekend.

  5. Just wanted to let you know that i am sharing your article with my friends on my Twitter account.

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