People: The Only Niche That Really Matters


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Whenever I chat with one my dearest friends Jessica Northey, I always learn something new. Maybe some would see us as an unlikely pair. Jessica is incredibly smart, gorgeous, and lights up any room she enters. Me, I’m more of a vintage surfer hippie chick–minus the patchouli smell and the dreads. I don’t recall the moment when we met on Twitter, but I know I’m incredibly grateful for that moment.

In Jessica’s  post ExStreamly Diverse – The Bloggers in My Life #StreamVersity, she said something that really struck me. She said “PEOPLE are my niche.”

When I joined Twitter over two years ago, I had not a single clue what I was doing. I didn’t know about having a niche or anything about social media strategy. Since I’m an outdoorsy sort of girl, the thought of talking to people online didn’t appeal to me, but I had started playing with the idea of reaching out to people who are interested in a healthy lifestyle beyond the beach and gym.

But I found myself drawn to so many people that I wanted to tweet with, laugh with, share with, and get to know outside of health and fitness in those early days like  @blogomomma, @Paul_Steele, @ShellyKramer, @iconic88, @2morrowknight, @SusanLorelei, @BuzzEdition, @Dudeman718, @RosevilleRockLN. . . just to name a few. I was pulled in by their humor, attitudes, kindness, and smarts. I can’t imagine my twitter stream without them.

The people in your life color and shape your world. I’m convinced the choices we make socially have a huge health impact. It creates balance and presents opportunities to give that we might otherwise miss. Will your social media scores soar? Probably not. But your life score will.




  1. I adore this Joyce and it’s something I try to live.  And yet I watched you from afar for a long while before I reached out and tweeted you and finally (gasp!!) DMed you and asked if you’d be my friend 🙂
    Sometimes social media can seem so constructed (as you point out with the niches) and also so…not class driven 🙂 but I looked at your followers etc and was awed by your numbers and hesitated to tweet you back then.
    I think thats something else we need to tweak and change and remind people of.
    If you wanna know someone—tweet them.
    Engage them.
    They may not respond (so many @s and some are bound to be missed)—but they may.
    And a new friendship could be born.


    • Funny thing—I felt the same way about you! I lurked a bit, read your blog and was amazed at your community and how you all interacted. Like you said we might not get a response—but what if we do? What if it blossoms into something so much more than just tweeting? The power of one tweet, one DM, is underrated. It can change a life.

      • oooooh! I must weigh in here 🙂
        I love how we casually connect via SM – for me, I think, “she’s cool”, or “that was funny”, or or or… Then we connect a little more and discover these random additional connections and similarities beyond our “normal” conversations. I invariably think to myself, “OF COURSE! THATS why we connected….” It is a lovely circle of humanity, eh? xoxo

  2. Love this, Joyce! Every bit of it is true. I’m so lucky to have met you in real life and I hope we’ll get to see each other again soon. You are a special and amazing person! xoxoxo

    • Hi Erin! Thank you! I was just thinking that had I not met Shelly, I probably would have not met you!! I’m hoping to see you again soon too! Blissdom2012? 😉 And never stop writing Erin, you are gifted 🙂

  3. There are so many reasons why I adore you – the fact that you understand the fundamental value of people…priceless.

    • Thank you B-momma!! Well you are great example of someone who lives those values and demonstrates them daily and I adore YOU for that!

  4. thank you Joyce. I love talking to you and getting inspired. you are so awesome and I just adore and love you. The fact you are my friend makes me feel like I must be doing something right in this world. XO

    • Thank you Jess! You’re a bright life in my life–your energy is contagious and your friendship a blessing to me! Love you!!

  5. Awesome post… really. Far too often we forget what is REALLY important, especially today with so many things at the ready waiting to distract us and deter us from focusing what it right in front of us… those that love us unconditionally.

  6. Yes! It is ALL about the people 🙂

  7. Katdoesdiets says:

    I just love this. Life score, exactly. You know how they say you become like the 5 people we hang out with most… I think we should look at that in light of the people we ‘hang out with’ online.

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