Nick Baker Won $1,000.00!

Nicknamed “The Lunchbox” in grade school, Nick was always a big guy. He was renowned among friends for being willing to eat massive quantities of food. Even though Nick was overweight, he was active—competing in high school track and field events and playing football in college until injuries sidelined him. After football, Nick turned to martial arts for a disciplined workout. From there, he began competing as a 260- to 280-pound heavyweight in mixed martial arts.

After starting a full-time job, Nick began making excuses for why he couldn’t get to the gym. As the months went by, he spent more time on the couch and less time with his wife. Nick’s diet was another key problem. Eating fast food and quick fixes never truly filled him up.

As Nick’s weight climbed up toward 300 pounds, he started to think about his future. Nick wanted to live a long, healthy life and raise a family. He knew that, with his inactive, overindulgent lifestyle, he has headed down the wrong path. Enough was enough. Nick wanted to look and feel good again. That’s when he saw an infomercial for Power 90®.

The program caught Nick’s eye because of the unique exercises and the real-life success stories. Exercising to a DVD was especially suitable for him, since he would be able to squeeze in workouts early in the morning, at lunchtime, or after work. At this point, Nick was not only busy with a full-time job, he was also working toward his MBA degree, so he needed the accountability he got from the WOWY® community and his Coach to stay on track.

The workouts were tough at first. Nick didn’t have nearly the stamina he once had, but he loved how challenging Power 90 was. Besides, Nick couldn’t let an old guy like Tony Horton beat him, so he had to work as hard as he could to finish every workout. More than simply being out of shape, Nick didn’t really know how to eat in moderation or even eat the right foods in the first place. He used advice from the program, recipes from Thin Kitchen®, and Beachbody® supplements to change his diet.

After 350 days of Pushing Play, the new Nick looks more like “The Washboard” than “The Lunchbox.” He has lost 71 pounds since day one. Many of his old acquaintances hardly recognize him anymore. Nick’s wife certainly thinks he looks amazing. Nick has since moved on to challenge himself with P90X®, and after seeing how his life has changed, Nick’s wife has started Yoga Booty Ballet®. If he could do this with his busy schedule, then anyone could. Nick is living proof that we all have the time to work out and transform our lives.



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