Meditate, Release, Repeat – #MyYoga

GoPro view on an ATV - GoPro Mountain Games Weekend in Vail, Colorado

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As the days pass, I find myself reflecting on the value of time.

In the past, I was always hurrying things up — bored and impatient. But as I reflect on my own personal hourglass, I’m conscious of the fact I have more sand in the bottom, and less left on top.

I’m far from being an expert on meditating. I confess slowing down is a challenge for me. But when I overcome my need for speeding ahead, I find myself more joyful and fulfilled. It’s in the pause I’m able to push away the clutter and see what I couldn’t see before. Only then I’m capable of embracing the moment I’m in.

I know what I need to do, but I’m not very self-motivated and need guidance. My brain has to constantly play catch up with my body. I’m not bragging. This issue has often been my kryptonite.

That’s why GaiamTV has been such a gift in my life. I need the inspiration and direction from those who’ve mastered the art of meditation. I might always be a beginner, but I accept myself as I am. If I want more — it’s available in a click. So if you’re like me and crave a little incentive and inspiration, this might just what you need.

  • Instruction from Master Teachers
  • Mobile-Friendly Access
  • Steps to Master 7 Full Meditations
  • Support from a Thriving Social Media Community
Meditation Guide Gaiam

Embracing the moment starts here and now.

Top Photo: Shot on my GoPro HERO4 — Vail, Colorado –GoPro Mountain Games




  1. I bet you are really doing a form of meditation when you are riding horses and surfing!

  2. ahhh I need more pause. it USED TO BE ENOUGH to do it briefly in the morning. I need more.

  3. I struggle with meditation, and were I not already signed up for some other stuff that I don’t always get around to using I’d definitely check out the gaiam tv thing, it sounds great!

    I’ve been doing a lot of walking meditations, but I do it in little 5 minute bursts with a specific focus, then let my thoughts wander, then pick a different focus. Someday I’d love to be one of those people who could hold their attention on one thing forever, but I just ain’t there yet. It is easier with a group or a class or a guide though, so I really should consider signing up at some point. Thanks!

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