Make Family Nutrition a Family Conversation

Rainbow Twizzlers

They're so pretty let's eat them! Image by compscigrad via Flickr

Each time my kids venture out into the world with their friends, I know that their diet will be awful. It’s just how it is. The choices you find at movie theaters, sporting events, and birthday parties are crap at best–unless you consider pickle relish or ketchup a vegetable.

They know that I’m going to keep pushing my vegetable agenda and that on the weekends they get their chance at dessert. It’s sort of a running joke. They tease me about the garbage they ate and that it was no big deal, and I preach organics and the evils of pesticides and additives. Good times.

What we do like to do together is keep the conversation going about health and nutrition. Often they’ll share something they learned in school about vitamins and I’ll share a study I read. It’s part of our everyday family life.

Since it’s always been like that for them, they see it as normal.

Kids like to know why about everything. Although annoying at times, I realize it’s an opportunity to give them information that they can take with them as they get older. There will come a time when it’s no longer cool to see how many Twizzlers you can shove into your mouth (not including the two dangling from your nostrils). Maybe they’ll hear my food rants in their heads or remember how saving ice cream for weekends made it all the more fun.

My recent post Guiltless Guidelines for Healthy Eating over at the Attune Foods blog gives a more detailed way we own our own nutrition choices as a family unit. It’s simple really–and better yet, guiltless!




  1. Great points to keep them remembering it and to help them make good choices on their own.

  2. Awesome post, Joyce, especially when we consider that childhood obesity is not on the decline!

  3. Noel Glass99 says:

    Great post!  I did the same – they strayed away during their early 20’s and now that they have started their families – Guess what!  Following the same route I took with them –  and another healthy generation is on the way!!  Keep it up – don’t give up.

    • Joyce Cherrier says:

      Hi Noel — how cool is that?! That gives us all hope that all the effort pays off! Thank you for the comment! 

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  5. I agree with everything that was discussed in this post. Nutrition is definitely a huge factor in building the immune systems to prevent problems and infection. Everyone should be involved when it comes to what generally is best for eating healthy as a family.


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