How I Made the Best Grilled Chicken by Mistake #SandersonFarms

Grilled Chicken

My accidently delicious chicken — sponsored by Sanderson Farms

This weekend I made some really awesome chicken on the grill. It was sort of an accidental recipe. I placed the Sanderson Farms boneless chicken thighs in a ziploc, added olive oil, lemon and garlic pepper, garlic salt, and placed in the fridge to chill for a few hours. I thought I had a bottled chicken-appropriate marinade in the fridge, but upon searching, I realized I purchased a beef marinade instead. Ugh! But, wait. So what! What was I afraid of? That my chicken would taste like steak? Let me tell you, that was some amazing chicken. In fact, it might be the best grilled chicken I’ve ever made! I’m so glad I took a chance, as small as that was, to do something I wasn’t quite sure of. Who knew there was a lesson to be learned while grilling chicken?

Google defines the word chicken (I’m talking about the verb not the bird) as: withdraw from or fail in something through lack of nerve.

We’ve probably all been taunted in our younger days to do something really stupid that possibly could result in angry parentals or a visit to the local E.R. My experience with this was pretty much about A) Jumping off a bridge or cliff B) Windsurfing in an approaching typhoon or C) Eating something that’s still moving.

I’m not suggesting doing something that will cause all your friends to shake their heads and question your common sense — but I think we often skip the small things that take a little nerve on our part, and miss out on some great opportunities. Even if it’s only the best grilled chicken you’ve ever made.

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  1. This chicken doesn’t look like an accident..delicious! 🙂

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