"Here, I baked you some cookies"

Independent Team Beachbody Coach Joyce CherrierHave you ever noticed that when you let your family and friends know you are trying to get healthy, they now want to bake you cookies? A friend and I were dicussing this phenomenon, and found alot of us had had this experience. I’m sure this is mostly good intentions, but it still makes the journey more challenging. And so, how do we deal with these folks, well intentioned as they may be. For me, I have found that if you explain the health benefits of what you’re doing, and how obesity and chemicals in our food affect us, you usually will find that they weren’t aware of the dangers. Being together with friends and family and sharing a healthy meal is a wonderful thing and very important, but we have become a society that views eating as a recreational sport, hobby, or a source of entertainment. So as we politely say “No, thank you” to the cookies, and have a chance to explain why, we have an opportunity to make a positive impact, and possibly change the course for the better, in someone’s life.



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