Healthy Living: Show Me the Money!

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What’s the difference between a fit person and an unfit person? Other than the obvious outward appearance.

Unlike wealth, you can’t be born loaded. Health has to be earned.

Everyday when we choose to exercise or not exercise, eat healthy or not eat healthy, we’re choosing to invest or not invest  in our well-being.

Think of investing in your health the way you do your bank account. When your account is healthy and fit, unexpected expenses aren’t as stressful. You can take a few trips. Give to charities. Meet the needs (and wants) of your children. Help a friend.

Work to build your account. Each decision has an effect on your account balance. There is no such thing as an overnight success. There’s no winning power-ball ticket.

Make good small decisions that add up to big returns 20 years from now when you’ll really need it.

If you feel you’ve been withdrawing from your account instead of depositing, what changes could you make right now to turn that around?





  1. Angela Charles says:

    I love that metaphor. For some reason it is a lot easier to conceptualize deposits/withdrawals via your bank account but with your health, the changes often happen so slowly they don’t appear to make a big difference. But inside they are. You wake up one day and look in the mirror and wonder where your 20-something figure went or why you can hardly walk up a flight of stairs without losing your breath. If you think of it like you do your bank account, you can actually visualize your health improving with positive changes or see the “balance” decrease with negative ones. Great, easy way to look at things!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks Angela for stopping by. It has really hit me how health & fitness is kind of sold as a get rich quick scheme. Like you said ~ you wake up one day and wonder where it all went. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  2. Joyce, a simple analogy like this makes fitness easy to digest.  Each time we work out, we make a deposit into our health account.  The more we exercise, the larger our account grows.  And with proper management, we become “rich” one day at a time. 

    I have an unusual and ever changing work schedule, so finding the time and energy to make my deposit is challenging.  The simple solution is to just do it.  Realistically though, just doing it doesn’t come easily for me and my withdrawals sometimes outweigh my deposits.  As they say, mind over matter. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi  Dwmatty 🙂 ~ the great thing is a lot of small deposits (like drinking water instead of soda or taking the stairs instead of elevator) is something that all of us can do to add to our accounts. And I so agree~ mind over matter! So true of so many things in our life yes? Thanks for commenting!

  3. That fits so well with health stuff too – sudden and unexpected health challenges are much easier to cope with if you’re already fit. Here’s a recent example from my life.  After the best part of a year only doing mild exercise, I recently decided to do the 3Peaks Challenge here in the UK – that’s up & down Ben Nevis (highest in Scotland), then Scafell Pike (highest in England), then Snowdon (highest in Wales), all in 2 days.  So I’ve been training harder than normal, especially my legs.  Which is a very good job, because a couple of weekends ago I fell from a horse and got trodden on, right on my upper thigh. 16.1hands of horseflesh standing on you is no joke!  Without the extra muscle mass I’ve been building, I’m pretty certain I’d have been looking at a broken femur – as it is, it’s “just” severe deep bruising.  It’s put back my 3 Peaks attempt, but at least I’m still walking – without the investment I’ve made in my fitness, I might not be!

    • Anonymous says:

      What a great example of how investing paid off! Congrats on your 3 Peaks challenge Andrew! Amazing!! And thanks for stopping by to comment!!

  4. great interesting post 🙂 it’s kinda funny that i start saving money a year after i started getting my weight under control. all aspects of health do seem to work together (or fluctuate together)

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