Healthy Living: Happy Is Where You Are

Maui sunset in Kihei

Where my heart is...can you blame me?! Image via Wikipedia

I  love me a parade. Oh, and a party. And when the sun shines. And an unexpected wind-fall of cash.

It might be from growing up in my late teenage years and into adulthood on the magical island of Maui, spending my days being part of the birth of wave-sailing and the explosion of a new sport, surrounded by incredible friends and endless days of perfect weather and breaching humpback whales. Yes, it’s as wonderful as it sounds.

Maybe I always thought it would be that way.

Then life happened. What a buzz kill.

It’s very easy for us humans to always long for things that were. Funny how we never realize we had it so good till much later down the road.


The problem with staying in the past is that your eyes are on what you had, causing you to miss what you are blessed with at this moment. It’s like looking through old pictures of yourself and thinking how much you like that photo now but found everything wrong with it back then. The picture never changed; just the perception did.

This week it rained on my parade. Nothing unusual, just injuries and illness and expensive things broken. It’s easy to want to escape to paradise when crap happens.

But I’m committing right here, right now, to focusing on what I have; not what I had.

I have a wonderful family and amazing friends, which includes many of you!

Paradise found.


Are you able to be happy and content in the present?

Was it a learning process?








  1. Katdoesdiets says:

    HUGELY working on this lately. I tend to not only live in the past, but the future…when I, then I’ll…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love this, Joyce! I try to live and breathe these thoughts each day. They truly put the “sim” in “simplify!” You are amazing as always!

    • Anonymous says:

      Sarah! Thank you & thanks for stopping by 🙂 You know, I’ve always sensed from your posts and updates that you do ~ It comes through in everything about you! 

  3. it seems a lot of people are reflecting on what they have, from different perspectives, these days. i’m trying to remember and appreciate everything and everyone in my life today. not always easy, but i’m working on it 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree Michelle, it’s hard to remember. Knowing others like yourself feel the same way helps me to know that we need each other to spark our memory. Thanks for doing that with your comment!

  4. It is a learning process through and through. But I like how you equate this with healthy living. Committing to the now, even if the now is painful or less stellar than days past. I think those days are there to remind us good things have happened to us and good things can happen to us. So much of this strikes me as part of living with eyes wide open- something I’m learning to do bit by bit.

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