Healthy Kids: Trump Convenience with Simplicity

The Fast Food Faction

Do your kids think they're actual members of the family? Image by Elliot Trinidad via Flickr

If you’re like many parents and caregivers of kids, you’re concerned about your kids’ eating healthy. It’s a daily battle for most of us. Throw in a busy schedule and you find yourself grabbing what’s most convenient. Convenient trumps healthy most of the time. We choose what we think is the healthiest option in the moment, or maybe, even worse, just anything as long as they eat it.

In our family there are more toss-together healthy salads and super simple recipes that take 30-45 minutes on most days. Like most of you, our family schedules are often unpredictable and family dinner together is now mostly just on weekends.

That’s why over at Attune Foods I shared my after-school special, a quick chicken recipe that my kids love and kicks any McNuggets . . .erm. . .nuggets! Along with a yummy dip for dipping, it can be a snack or meal. Add some carrot sticks and it’s dipping heaven.

My theory is that by making the healthiest food available at home, a quick not-so-healthy meal here and there will be the exception and not what my kids are living on. Sometimes kids will even surprise you and make healthy choices on their own by watching your good example. That’s the best reward we can ask for!


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  1. My kiddos are always starving when they get home from school, and we keep a supply of fresh fruit and cut up veggies on hand.  The youngest loves a piece of celery with a bit of peanut or almond butter, and a few chia seeds sprinkled on top, or carrots with a bit of hummus for dipping.  It’s the 9 yo’s favorite after school, and bedtime snack 🙂

  2. love new look!!!!!

  3. Joyce Cherrier says:

    Thanks Carla! Ryan rocks! 

  4. Barbara Davis says:

    Love the new look!! 

  5. Free healthy food coupons?? Awesome!  I shall head right over. 

  6. Or wait, is the giveaway here? Perhaps I need more coffee.  Hey, that’s a healthy idea, coffee is full of antioxidants!

    • Joyce Cherrier says:

      Hiya Crabby…it’s here but maybe I wasn’t clear enough on that so I’ll fix that AND go look and make sure I missed no one! 🙂  Your coupons will be on their way soon! 

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