Healthy Body Talk: What’s Yours Saying?

Pepto Bismol (tm)

Image by ciron810 via Flickr

Listening to your body is a skill to master for lifelong health.

Maybe it sounds sort of weird, but eat half a pizza, wash it down with a giant soda and add dessert and your body will likely have a lot to say.

Ignoring, or even worse masking, what your body has to say can keep you from finding the healthy you.

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  1. Francis says:

    Making a huge effort to eat salads and yummy fruits that are everywhere during the summer!! My body loves them and wants more! I also get more energy! Feel great and eat less! Always trying to be healthy cuz that’s the best I can do!! Now if I could just stop eating popcorn at the movies!! :p

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh I do understand the lure of the movie popcorn Francis!  Now, I grab some nibbles from the hubby’s and tell him move it out of my reach! 🙂

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