Health and Fitness: How Self-Promotion Is Like Greasy Pizza

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I wonder what motivated THIS guy --- Wikipedia Author: Otto Acron

Last night I was unable to sleep, which is unusual these days. I was thinking of all the things I needed to do this week. Some felt only like tasks. Like errands and bill paying and appointments. But then there was other stuff.

If you live much of your hours online there’s the updating and posts to tweet and pictures to pin. Seems we’re always documenting our every moment. So I started to think about why.


Some of the things that came to mind made me feel I needed to ask myself some questions.

So I made myself a little checklist to sort of check myself and my motives.

I asked…

Is this necessary for work?

Translated: Am I required to do this by the people that pay me or the people that I committed to doing something for?

Is this positive and helpful?

Do I feel that I’m contributing something worthwhile and purposeful?

Will it affect someone in a positive way and add good to the community?

Or is it really just about me?


Do I want people to think I’m awesome? Do I want people to tell me I am?

Ouch. Ouch.

Usually I find when I am wanting to self-promote it’s because I want to elevate myself. If I elevate myself, where does that leave others? It’s a something inside myself I don’t want there. What’s funny about it, even if it feels good for a moment, it sort of feels yucky afterwards. Kind of like eating too much pizza or cake. You almost can’t stop yourself in the moment, but it’s a bit nauseating in the end.

How is this related to health and fitness?

With a new year came new goals. Goals are awesome and necessary to accomplish important things in our lives.

But even health and fitness can be fueled by intentions that might not be so healthy.

Our insides motivate us to make choices for the outside. But fitness and health can be two very different things. Fitness can be just about me. How I look to myself and how others think I look. That can actually fuel unhealthy eating patterns to keep body fat low, and it can ultimately lead to health problems.

But health says I care.

I care about my health because when I’m healthy I can contribute, uplift, support, and motivate. Healthy means vibrant and energetic and full of life. When I see my health as something other than about promoting me, it becomes a lifestyle and part of who I am. It drives me to elevate someone else like the love of my life, my kids, my friends, and my peers.

I’m making a commitment to check myself every morning for motives. I know I’ll fall short at times. I’ll shovel in that greasy piece of pizza.

But I’m hoping that eventually it will become a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Do motives come to mind when you go through your day? Or does it really matter?




  1. oh WOW! GREAT post! yes…. health is about VALUES… am I taking action and spending time that shows that I VALUE myself? my health? Is my time spent aligned with my values? family… relationships… wellness… balance…
    Thats where my ouch comes.
    Alas, we are human, eh?
    And another thing – you are one of the most generous friends out there. I don’t see you as a shameless self promoter at all!


    • Thank you! You are always too kind Kris! Your check is on the way! 😛 

      Believe me, I have my moments of it! And yes it’s part of our humanness. It’s an insecurity I think. We want others to tell us we have worth and value. I think maybe true peace comes from not having the need to have the opinion of others as a measure. Plus it’s much more fun to promote each other. Like giving little gifts. 

  2. Oh my goodness yes! I am always questioning my motives and intentions and I have come to know myself pretty well…and so that icky feeling comes on pretty quickly when my actions are out of line with who I am. It really is a matter of being willing to listen and to be compassionately objective when I go down the icky path anyway!

  3. I. Love. This. And it is for me only with age that I’m able to challenge myself as you describe above and be HONEST with myself in response.

  4. Awesome post Joyce. I really think you are the best and I love your approach always. I’m with Kris, you do all of your online work perfectly. No shameless self-promo with you – you do it all well and you crack me up. 🙂

  5. Hi Joyce,

    Great post and great analogy.  I hear you Joyce about the constant posting; try taking little mini breaks.  I don’t tweet from my iPhone when I am at a social events because that is time away from social media.

  6. Interesting questions! My main goal in self promotion is to promote my blog, which I hope encourages others. But it can definitely be a fine line!

    • There in lies the difference I think. If you promote something because it’s your work or passion I think that’s completely different. Everyone has their own personal line they have to feel out for themselves. I love your blog Kerri btw and it is totally encouraging! 🙂 

  7. Awesome post!

    I find myself a little overwhelmed by social media, and often castigate myself for not keeping up well enough with it.  Some of it is for business promotion, but I can’t quite figure out how much is really necessary, versus how much is fueled by anxiety and perfectionism.  There are SO many other things in life more important than what random strangers might think of me if I post or don’t post something somewhere!  Though it gets a bit more complicated when it comes to making the effort to acknowledge the very real friends we meet online.  So many have been supportive to me I always feel crappy for comments not responded to, #FF’s not reciprocated etc.  Still working on that one.

    But damn you Joyce, now I want a big greasy slice of pizza, thanks a lot!

  8. LOVE THIS POST & man, it hits home! I am like Crabby – SM overwhelms me & sometimes I think – why! I know though in this day & age, we have to do it for work & yes, get noticed purposes, but I long for days when none of this was around… I would love to step back from it but everyone says you have to do it to “get ahead”.

    I love this post so that we all think thru the motives of it & yes, keep ourselves in check.. fine line like some wrote below. Gives me a headache at times! Well, lots of times! 😉 I need a person to do it for me! 😉

    • I totally get the anxiety and perfectionism thing @fac47617a11205e844787a2f342ccfbb:disqus is talking about. I think that happens to me when I start to compare myself to someone else. A slippery slope that is. 

      Maybe collectively we can all find someone to do it for us and go on a girl’s trip to …say… Fiji! Yes!  

  9. Great Post, Joyce! It’s OK to toot our own horn every once in awhile, but I find that sharing something I’m proud of with close friends is so much more rewarding. And, well, our friends are often some of our loudest cheerleaders too.

    I think a lot about what motivates me when I’m online in the social space. I’ve been accused of being a self promoter and being a horrible person because of things I’ve tweeted. But, in the end I know I can say that I am here with a pure heart.

    • We each have to weigh our own motives and what’s inside our own heart. I’m a better person when I serve others and judge myself instead of serve myself and judge others. 
      I adore you Sara and I don’t see you as a self promoter at all! You are one of the most generous people I’ve ever met in social media and I’m honored to call you a friend. 🙂  

  10. I love this post. Very true and introspective. Sometimes it might a combo – if it’s about me, it might eventually lead to my site/ radio show/ etc., which could lead to work. I would never wish to elevate myself at the expense of others. That would definitely feel cheesy & greasy! 

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