Hatching a Health Plan: Small Package, Big Lesson.


Something fantastic happened recently on our new homestead.

first chicken egg from a Red Star hen

Nani, one of our Red Star hens, laid her first egg!

It was actually quite eventful. We heard a loud “bacaawwwwwk” and after 4 and ½ months of waiting, there in a perfect little light-brown package, was our ROI.

What does this have to do with health and fitness? Actually, the whole process struck me as incredibly similar.

  • I made a decision to take control of some of the family’s food sources.
  • I chose something that, for me, was doable and fit our budget.
  • I researched and chose to start with a small flock of chickens.
  • I bought the necessary items for them to be healthy and happy.
  • I committed and bought them.
  • I asked people who had more experience to learn all I could about them.
  • I continued to read and research as they grew and changed.
  • I invested in their care daily.
  • Four and half months later, we had our first egg.

Each day I tended to them and their needs, keeping in mind my ultimate goal of fresh, organic, free-range eggs.

As silly as it may seem, I was so excited when Nani laid her first egg. And since then, she’s laid a perfect large sized egg at approximately 9:30 each morning. The others haven’t started to lay yet, but I’ll keep consistently doing all the tasks needed to help ensure that happens.

It didn’t happen overnight. It was a process. There were days I didn’t feel like listening to their incessant cheeping (really cute at first) when they were still small and in our house or cleaning their coop once they were outside. I stepped in chicken poop, ran outside when it was starting to storm to get them to shelter, left someplace early to make sure they were fed and watered, and chased off neighbors’ dogs. It’s been a daily thing.

But when I saw that first egg, all that work was worth it, because I did something I’ve never done before.

It’s the same with health. It’s a daily thing. Sometimes you dont feel like it. Sometimes you might have to leave the party early. But when you reach your goal, whatever that may be, you’ll experience that little miracle of accomplishment. I would have never thought a little thing like an egg would make me feel personally empowered. But I really think it’s just the feeling of accomplishing something I doubted I could follow through on.

Red Star egg

  Sometimes the smallest of things can be the most empowering.

*What about you? What small things in your life help empower you? Is it a note from a child? A word said at the right moment? 




  1. So exciting! Hoping you have enough eggs to make a frittata soon! 🙂

  2. Joyce, I’ve watched from the first time you shared the photos of your new girls. I was so excited when you posted a pic of the first egg. I love how you are taking control of not just your food but also how you experience and share it. Thank you for including us on the journey and inspiring others to think about their health and wellbeing first.


  4. What a great analogy (& so true for anything we want in life). They are so cute!

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