Goodies for the Heart: What’s Your Recipe?

Surfer Santa Ornament

Our tree wouldn't be complete without our Surfer Santa

Like many of you, our family of four likes to make the most of the holidays. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday not only for the meaning it has to me personally, but also for all the local activities geared toward kids. We drive around in our jammies and look at lights, and I even relax my militant “no sugar” attitude. And it’s actually the one time a year I really don’t loathe enjoy spending time in the kitchen cooking.

But I’m finding each year as the holidays come back around and everyone’s hearts seem more open, it’s an opportunity to revisit what matters most. Yes, I know it’s something we need to focus on all year, but I admit, I get caught up in being too busy at times for the truly important things in life.

Over on the Attune blog – the sponsor of this post – I wrote about 5 Holistically Healthy Gifts That Don’t Need Wrapping. Writing that post was a heart exercise. I desperately needed to restore balance in my own life and shift focus towards the people I love and cherish.

I’m hoping you’ll join me and share what brings you and your family and friends joy and fills your hearts during the holidays. The more we share our heart gifts with each other, the less important the material ones will seem.







  1. Great list!  So much of the holiday focus ends up being on the Stuff,
    it’s nice to see some inspirational suggestions that don’t require
    scotch tape and ribbons! Which is good, because as usual I can’t seem to
    find any…

  2. Great list, can’t wait to take up some of your suggestions and add….
    Being still, watching, taking it in and embedding moments, smiles, expressions not only in your scrapbook but in your heart and soul.

    Keep the good stuff coming.

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