Giving the GoPro Hero3 a Go on Maui #VZWBuzz

SUPing on Maui with a GoPro Hero3.

My first use of the GoPro Hero3 in water. SUP downwinder on Maui with Chris Ozee and Mike Waltze.

Thanks to Verizon, I received a new GoPro Hero3 camera for my trip home to Maui. Being a bit of an impatient tech person (aka hate reading directions) I anticipated some frustration ahead. I was SO wrong.

Everytime I go home to Maui, I want to take photos in the water.  Since I spend much of my time on top of or submerged in the ocean while there, it makes sense to capture those moments to add to my forever memories.

Oh How I Love You GoPro App

Once I installed the GoPro App on my phone I was so stoked at the full set of camera controls at my fingertips, including live previewing. It’s a very sleek, user friendly, simple to navigate app — even for me! I installed it on my Nokia Lumia Icon and the photos and videos were easy to view and share with it’s super speedy WiFi. Another thing I loved is someone else can also download the app, enter your password and view along with you. As I was learning all about the GoPro Hero3, my longtime good friend and waterman, athlete, and cinematographer Mike Waltze looked through the photos with me as we sat across a table from each other. I didn’t have to shove the phone in his face and say “hey what do think of this one … or this one?” The app made it easy to discard photos I didn’t want and add the ones I did want to my GoPro album or share on social sites.

I’ve never created a time-lapse video before and with the help of Mike, we made this short video from my hike into Haleakalā  Crater with another longtime windsurfing friend, Carol Aldred. Once Mike chose a rock to set it on, we just all kicked back in front of the Hōlua cabin and took a rest before hiking on. This was created out of approximately 620 frames and 1 frame per second.

Mama's Beach, Kuau, Maui taken with GoPro Hero3

It’s fun to play with the fisheye lens on the GoPro Hero3.

I had fun just playing with the GoPro Hero3 and seeing how holding the camera in different ways would impact a shot. Because I was able to view my photos immediately in the GoPro app, I would take a few photos, look at them, share, add to my GoPro album or just delete them and go back to taking more pics! It was all really quick and easy.

Joyce Cherrier windsurfing

I had a fun day of windsurfing
Photo Credit: Mike Waltze


This last shot (I took by accident) demonstrated even in the hands of this amateaur, the GoPro is able to deliver some beautiful images. Check out the little bubbles right below the surface of the water!

Sea and a palm tree GoPro  Hero3

The crystal sea and a little palm tree.

For this accidental photographer, I can’t imagine going anywhere without my GoPro Hero3. Rain or shine.




  1. Cool time lapse video and good to know that the GoPro Hero3 is easy to use for non-techies! This would be fun to take with me to Molokai when I ride down 26 switchbacks on the back of a mule. Wish me luck!

    • Hi Nancy – thanks for stopping by. 🙂 It really is a fun little camera. There’s some great accessories too! Have fun on that Molokai mule ride!

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